New Diabetic Talk Show

Hey how would you guys like to win a Diabetic Cookbook or a Diabetic Report absolutely FREE? Well you can do that by attending my new show “Diabetic Cookbook Blog Talks” on Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 7:00PM MST. You will get the opportunity to relate to other diabetics around the world just like you do here. And maybe you will find a new diabetic friend or two. All you have to do is CLICK HERE a few minutes before 7:00PM MST on Saturday. And you just might get a chance to win a FREE Diabetic Cookbook. Also, you will be able to ask your most pressing diabetic questions about diabetic cookbooks or any other diabetic question you might have to ask. Newly Diagnosed and diabetic family and friends are highly encouraged to attend. So join in the conversation at 7:00PM MST on Saturday and you just might WIN!

If I’m not entertaining on Saturday night (always do last minute things - but so far Saturday night looks free) - will certainly join in on your show Adam! Am I able to go thru’ via SKYPE if I want to talk to you - or only via text? I did a blog talk show last month - and that’s how we did it then (Mark-John Clifford at the World Diabetic KID’Z Foundation).

Excellent Anna! There is a Social Stream that you can log into as well as a chat section. However there seems to be a problem with chat, but in the social stream you can go by your twitter, Facebook, AIM, or Myspace Chat accounts to chat with us.