Window sill farm

Here I am just poxing my head over the top of the container I started life in just a few weeks ago before that I was just a seed one amongst many in this pot sitting in poundland waiting for someone to pick me up pay for me anf give me a start in life.

According to the container I am a thyme seed no idea what that is but I get watered and fed and have really started to grow, lots of my brothers and sisters are growing just a tall as me it is a bit cramped in here at the moment as we all try and reach up to gather the Suns rays in the daytime.

Like my brothers and sisters I have two leaves soaking up the sunshine, not that here is much at the moment as it has only just got lightthe window sill where we live in nice next to our container is another container with wild rocket waiting to grow they sound scarry hope we will be ok.

Here comes the farmer no idea what farmer means but he looks after us watering us when we get thirsty and turnign my pot around twice a day soIdo not get sun burned what a lovely life growing here.