As Mother nature intended

There was once an Apple seed that I grew and nurtured then planted in the garden hoping one day it would grow and bear apples that I could enjoy on a lazy summers afternoon or evening not sure what type of apple seed it might have been but golden delicious springs to mind the tree is now 20 years old and last year gave us the biggest windfall ever the birds had some and so did the wasps and other creatues big and small in fact we had so many we gave away bucket fulls of them,birds loved it for the shade and the food we hang from its stretching brances the tree is over 20 foot tall now and I have enjoyed many a summers day and night sitting on my garden chair looking at it reading a book and having tea or supper with my loved ones,how often when we walk around a supermarket do we linger to grow our own fruit and vegetables I guess a lot of people do just wishing they knew how green fingers I do not have blue some times in our house my wife is the gardener she would spend all day if I let her tending her garden.

I walk around our garden not being able to do much just giving her a few words of encouragement and smelling the freshness of the tomatoes pears apples lettuces and other fruit and vegetables your taste buds were made for,for a diabetic growing your own fruit and vegetable free of insecticides and all the stuff they use to force the growing storing and longer life of the stuff is something we really could do without,I can remember last summer my wife picking a lettuce some radish tomatoes and doing me a salad sandwich which was scrumptious it made your mouth water,potatoes straight from the ground cabbages sprouts parsnips and more if we all grew a little ourselves perhaps we could benefit from the bounty Mother nature can give us.