Wine & Diabetes, any thoughts?

What do you think about wine drinking and diabetes? I have never had any issues, as a matter of fact my sugar is really good with a couple of glasses of wine. I find that reds really help (Pinot Noir). Any thoughts folks?

Dear Lord… don’t take away my wine!! I love reds and have a glass or a few probably more often than ANY person should. I find that I handle it quite well with no major spikes or lows in BG… However, I’m sure it would be much easier to lose some weight if I didn’t drink it. I think one glass adds 100 calories and alcohol is metabolized before food.

So cool! I actually having a nice Pinot now!

I know Kristy, the only thing I don’t like is the calories. But I try to work out, but or 1 or 2 glasses (sometimes more!) is such a reward! Thanks everyone for the posts!

I’ll drink wine on occaision. Doesn’t seem to affect me that much. (must admit, I’m a beer drinker mostly. On the weekends)

I can drink a light beer with no problems, but some others can shoot my numbers up.