Wiped out

I’m off today so as usual, my bg trend of lows starts off my day. Frustrated!!

Woke up with a #bg 46, corrected to an 83, but still feel weak, & wiped. I can tell this is gonna be one of those days. I just wanna lay around. I feel like going back to sleep.

I keep thinking about how I was diagnosed three years ago & how my numbers were so high, my vision was affected along with other symptoms. I was told I was days away from a stroke or coma. I was so scared, I would do anything not to have high numbers again.

Fast forward to now… trying to be disciplined, practicing tight control… I’m low more than high. As much as I hate all of this, I’d rather be low than high. No way am I gonna lose limbs, lose my vision, have a stroke… because I can’t keep my numbers down.

I’ll deal with these lows. Currently bg is 59. Time for some more OJ. I’m too tired to get up & eat right now.

Diabetes just sucks. I hate all of it. I’m going to lay back down for awhile.

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Hakima, R U feeling better, dear?. Yes those early morning lows slow you down, and are a bummer. When I am that low I try not to overcorrect, because then you get a rebound high, and are back to" blood sugar in range chasing"…But you are doing great to try for tighter control. I just had my quarterly endo visit, and he told me that unfortunately, lows come with tighter control, in fact he said they are almost " inevitable"… I try to avoid the early morning ones so I am retesting my basal rates now. Haven’t had the low problem because the “dawn phenomenon”; which is higher blood sugars due to the liver putting out glucose and increased insulin resistance upon arising and during the early morning hours; is rearing its ugly head now… so Yeah it is not fun… But I know you can bear with it and keep up the good work

God Bless,

Thanks, I’m much better today… I started my work week, and usually during the week I don’t suffer as much. I’m forced to get up, correct the low, get out of the house, and stay focused all day. On my days off I tend to sleep longer, lay around, and the lows just creep up. It’s crazy.

Hi Hakima. I totally agree,PAIN IN THE ARS! I don’t usually have lows in the morning, but I have found that if I sleep in (more than about an hour later than normal) I have one hell of a time getting on track that day. HATE IT! Screws up my whole weekend. This last weekend I got up around 7 a.m. did my normal Lantus and breakfast routine (small changes in the menu/more normal times) and did much better. Not real happy about not sleeping in, but I felt a whole lot better. That is until I misjudged my lunch carbs and went down to 47. Even then I was able to correct and take a nap. Finished the day OK and Monday morning was better than normal. This thing truly is about routine (BTW I hate routine). It is not just about what you eat, but when, how, and what you do as well.

Hope you get yours figured out. Try keeping closer to your week day routine. It seems to be working for me.