Wish me luck with ordering our next pod supply

We are down to our last box and I put a call into ordering our new supply today. When we received our first shipment in December from the company who has the contract, it took over 3 weeks and many phone calls to get things straightened out. Thank goodness our rep was able to give us some extra pods until they came. When I called today, they said we couldn’t reorder until March 7 (exactly 3 months from last shipment). My sons perscription is for every 2 days so even with the 40 shipped in December, we would come up short. They are looking into seeing waht they can do. I am gald I started early because I don’t have a good feeling about this!!

Is this an Insulet issue or an insurance issue? Good luck.

I get mine auto shipped and I never run out, can you use their auto shipping program?

Insurance companies - sheesh! And some people think our government would be more efficient and effective at handling health insurance coverage - yeah right!
If the insurance company doesn’t help out, try calling Insulet and asking for a cust. service manager to see if he/she will intervene on your behalf. Insulet is highly motivated to help you order their product :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. Turned out my doctor wrote the prescription wrong and we had to rewrite it for every 2 days. 40 pods is officially the amount for changing every 3 days plus an extra box they ship with the first order for the learning curve. Definitely check with them and make sure the prescription is written properly.

It is actually my primary care facility issue. My insurance company contracts out and last time it was my primary care group that held things up. They faxed the info the Insulet, not the contract company. What scares me is they said I would have to go through the same process everytime I reorder. Since this is the first time I am not sure what to expect.

Thanks! I will make sure when I talk to them again tomorrow. I figured there were 91 days between orders so really I would have needed 45 pods so 4 boxes isn’t really enough.

Thanks a lot!! We have a really good rep here who has bailed me out several times. He gave me a bunch of expired ones. Do you think they would be ok to use?

I could but if I did, they wouldn’t have sent them out until 3/7. I think the problem is that I am not getting enough with my shipments since he is on 2 day pod changes.

Thanks…will do. I forgot to thank you about your suggestion about not using any type of prep before putting the pod on. We have been doing that with great success. We haven’t had one fall off and my sons skin is so less irritated. We did find some good products to help it stay on his arm when he palys volleyball and they work great!!

Who does everyone use to supply your pods? I was hooked up with “Diabetic Neighborhood”. Have not had to re-order yet so I can’t evaluate their service or lack thereof. I use Medco for my prescriptions and was looking around their website the other day to check on a few refill dates coming up. While I was there I typed in Omnipod in the drug search window and it came up. Only the pods tho, the starter kit was listed as “not covered”. Turns out that Medco is fifty dollars cheaper for a ninety day supply. I have no idea how I got hooked up with this “Diabetic Neighborhood” outfit. I see someone in my Endo’s office in a week to go over an Ipro cgm study I had done. While there I’ll just ask someone to write a ninety day script for pods and mail it in to Medco. I’ve always had good service from Medco.

My supplies all come from CCS Medical. When I submitted everything to Omnipod they actually sent it to CCS since they don’t work directly with my insurance company. I expect they have a spreadsheet somewhere with all the insurance companies and a supplier (or maybe two) that they work with and from there they just pass things on to wherever their spreadsheet tells them too. If you’ve found a cheaper supplier that will work with your insurance I say go for it! Their priorities are to make money while ours are to stay alive with as few expenses as possible. We need to advocate for ourselves since our priorities are so different.