Supply issues...ruh roh

I contacted insulet last week because I thought I would be getting my next shipment on Thursday. We were in the midst of a crazy heat wave here in RI and I worried about the pods being left on my porch in the scorching sun for a few hours. I was told that they weren't going to be shipped UNTIL Thursday and that they would actually arrive on Monday (yesterday).

I got home yesterday and no shipment. I called and waited on hold for over an hour last night and for another 1/2 today before finally getting through.

Turns out, they don't have enough pods and were planning on shipping them to me next week. (Uh, thanks for letting me know...) Since I'm going to be on vacation next week, they agreed to overnight a box today so I'll get one box tomorrow morning and the other boxes next week.

All in all, a rather unsettling conversation. I do hope that they figure out their supply issues soon. I like to have extra pods on hand and don't want to be crossing my fingers that the supply will last until my next shipment arrives.


I called last week about my next order and again today to confirm. It's set to ship the 25th. They made no mention of supply issues to me. I'm also running low on pods since I delayed my previous order to use up my spares.

Are you on the New ones or old? Glad I just got my next order of 4 boxes of New I have 6 boxes on hand

I started on the new ones in April. This would be my second shipment.

Crazy how my distributor had no supply issues for the New PODS...but Insulet does. Probably explains why I haven't gotten a replacement for the one (and only ) failure I've had so far.

If Insulet continues with the same policy, you will likely only receive replacement pods with next shipment (so if you have 2 failed pods between now and then, you'll get your usual amount of full boxes w/ 10 each and then they'll squeeze an extra pod into a couple of the boxes so they'll actually have 11). That's been my experience with the old pods, at least.

The normal routine (since i dont get my pods through insulet) was for them to ship out the failed ones as they fail...Im not really worried about 1 pod, since I now have 6 boxes. I'll just keep an eye on it

ah! Makes sense. I get mine through insulet, so that is the reason for the difference. My mistake! And yes, hopefully the 6 boxes will have you covered for a day or two ;)