Okay Ladies...HELP!

Okay ladies am I the only one!? I have trouble certain parts of the month (the week or two before my period) getting my blood sugar under 200 then the week after my period I cannot keep my blood sugar up! Anybody else have these issues? I'm about to lose my mind with this guessing game!
I have been on insulin for 2 years, 10 months of it was pregnant, 12 months no period, so this is all new to me as I'm having my third cycle since being on insulin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
The last two weeks my blood sugar was over 200 no matter what and now I've been shaking all over with reduced basal and increased carbs from low blood sugars non stop its AWFUL!

hi lil mama, i wish i could tell you what to do but i just got on this train last month and what a hell of a ride. my morning numbers wereaffected most the week or even ten days before and i was at a complete loss. ill be checking back to see what people say! good luck, it gets more and more exciting the longer i live with this crap... ;)

Lil MaMa, you are not the only one to answer your question. And yes it is AWFUL and a huge PITA.

Oh, and once you get it all figured out and can manage the cycle trouble...BAM - here comes menopause to challenge you some more.

Oh, I don't know, Karen; I feel pretty smug when I hear of the problems women have around their period. Menopause means no cycles to cause problems!

That happens to me as well, one good bloodsugar week out of the month. I have increased boluses and basals and then when I figure it out bam, I hardly need any insulin at all.

With the pump I could have a basal setting for this timeframe, but it is still so iffy.

Never easy with diabetes, especially with lovely hormones changing all the time.

I have no answers, but to test, test, test. My PCP suggested one time you are probably eating more during this time, which was partially true, because we also crave everything during this time, ahhhh!!!!!

Being on birth control helped me somewhat, and also being a pump so you can do temp changes in your basal rates help a lot too.

Sorry, Zoe, but this made me laugh out loud... Apparently your menopause mileage may vary, just as our diabetes does, because my cycles have been predictable and manageable all my life then BAM! Menopause! I'm happy for you that menopause has been problem free for you.

Every time I have a hot flash, I can watch my cgm trend line go up. Try to correct a high too quickly and you can find yourself crashing with IOB. It's definitely been a roller coaster ride and I've never been a fan of roller coasters.

I'm post-menopausalsmileandnod, which is a different story! But I had a pretty easy menopause in general, so I might have had an easy menopause BG wise. So you do have a respite to look forward to!