Won't you consider adding a profile photo/image? (Nudge, nudge)

Good afternoon, everyone!

It may just be me, but I LOVE seeing unique profile photos and images. Whether it’s your smiling face or another picture that tells a little about your personality, I find it just that much easier to get to know members that way.

If you still have a default letter icon and would like to change it to something more personal, it’s easy!

Select the gear icon for “Settings” on the dropdown box on the right,

Select the little edit pencil in the “Profile Picture” section, and select an image file from your desktop and upload.

Poof, done!

If you need help, post a comment here. If you’ve changed your profile photo, post a comment here so we can all take a look!

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A lot of people ask me, “is that a male supermodel in that picture?”

I have to tell them, “no, it’s me and you need to have your eyes tested. Seriously. What’s the matter with you?”


The upload mechanism never works when I try and I don’t find profile pictures very important, that’s why I don’t have one.


I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! If you reconsider, I’d be happy to help. I can upload a picture/image to your profile for you. :slight_smile:

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My Blue Jays aren’t doing so well anyway, so perfect time for a profile pic change!

Oh my gosh! Your Blue Jays pic was iconic though! I got to know you through that! Great to see your smiling face as well!!

Is that a little :dog:? How old is your pic?

Very recent, my girlfriend and I are getting a Golden Retriever puppy but they were just born 2 weeks ago and we don’t know which one the breeder will give us yet! It could be the one I’m holding, who knows…

Oh my goodness! How exciting! Report back when you know!!!

Mine is the handsome face of my best friend, Cosmo, a wire-haired pointing griffon.

I thought about changing it to the sock puppet man who advertises for the PG Tips tea company. But I feared that you might think this is what I look like.



Very handsome!

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So you have big ears. Nothing to be ashamed of.