Word in Your Hand - Week 4 results are in

Well, we have come to the end of this Word In Your Hand. We received almost 60 entries in total, all of them containing powerful messages of joy, sadness, hope and… overall, inspiration for all of us!

Last week, we got 23 entries!!! Needless to say it was VERY hard to pick the top 4 submissions, but here they go:

  1. Grayson’s Mom (Hope):

2) Natalie Roberts (Scared):

3) Katherine McKern (Determined, Misunderstood):

4) Emily Rivera (Tired, Annoying):

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their Word In Your Hand this past week and all through the past month. It's been a very special initiative.

Soon we will be making a very exciting announcement in connection with Word In Your Hand (in the next week or so): stand by for details and take care everyone!

GREAT ART AND EXPRESSIONS. Really good job evryone !!!

I invite everybody to see all the hands on the WIYH page… there are lots more to see over there… thanks for participating!

Wow, Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard back from Emily (the email address we wrote to bounced), so according to the rules of the contest, we have contacted Susan, to let her know her submission will be getting the last prize (hers was the next submission with the most points).