Words of Wisdom from Spongebob

I am sorry that I disappeared without warning, but I developed more health issues than I could handle so I stopped the computer and tried to get better. Nothing is worse than complaining, and especially about a bunch of other chronic illnesses when this site is for diabetes, and my list is way too long.
I spent a month in the hospital, discharged two days ago, and have an extensive outpatient schedule, so I will be spending a lot of time in DC, that to me is a nice idea. I found the VA Hospital to be awesome once I got into the system, just a bit far away.

Thanks friends for all the messages of concern on my page and also for patience, and especially for knowing I would be back eventually.

I am learning from pain that you create your own path rather than following one.

No matter what, I try to remember this saying, I think it might have been SpongeBob who said ~

"I rise like a phoenix from the ashes of my pathetic life."

I got this from one of his cartoon shows when my son was a kid and we still say it today and laugh whenever things get out of control...

Of course, I could not invite anyone to my page until I got rid of the autumn leaves and rolled out for December although no snow here in Virginia yet it is getting chilly!!!

I missed you all , and believe me,I have been lurking for a few days, just on so much medication that I wanted to make sense when I said "hello" again.

…but not so bad that I can’t appreciate being back online! Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

I put a new liver, pancreas, gall bladder and a few new vertebrae on my wish for Santa and am re-gifting all the stuff in my body that doesn’t work, just kidding! Good to be back.

By the way, I am having trouble getting myself as an Avatar again, none of my pictures will go on, always says there is an error. Can someone enlighten me on how to change my Avatar?

Hi Ellen. I'll take my "words of wisdom" wherever I can find them! I'm really glad you're home from the hospital in time for the holidays, and I'm joining in your wishes for you to receive a new pancreas, etc. If Santa is agreeable, I could use a few new body parts myself... Oh well, anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Maybe we can ask for techno replacements!

i wish you all the best & happy holidays

Love your re-gifting idea!! Best wishes.

Welcome Back!

I used to think all the world's wisdom was in the movie The Godfather, but you have shown me otherwise.

ps. File upload problems are most typically caused by security issues. Things to try include uploading from a different network (i.e. starbucks) or using a different browser or computer. You can even try uploading the photo from your smartphone.

Thanks guys. Being back home is great.

Heh, heh, now I can’t get off the computer! Thanks everyone. Brian as you can see that is not me in the Avatar yet!

gosh, Lots, it's great to see you! I was hospitalized once myself for a very very very long time, so I know what it does to you. all I wanted was to be home, in my own clothes, and be able to go outside.

you can come here any time, you're part of our family.

Thanks Marie!

WOW it's good to see you back Lots !! Now that's one great Christmas Gift :)

Oh my. So happy to hear from you again!!!....I had same problem for a long time. I could load photos and even videos, but not a profile picture. I finally gave up and sent Emily my private info and she figured out how to make it work....Love you...xx000

@bsc, at least nobody left a horse head in my bed yet. Heh, heh.