Working outside

Are there any type 1’s on here that work outside and use MDI? I was going to work this summer at a cemetery (mowing, digging, etc.), and my mother is worried that my sugar will get out of control. What do you do to make sure that you maintain good control throughout the workday?

Not exactly the same as your summer job, but I work in my garden constantly in the summer. Physical exertion in the sun causes me to have lows, not the same as exercising. I test a lot, eat more or lower insulin doses, keep water handy, have snacks & jelly beans close at hand. Can’t stand those glucose tablet–bleech. If you keep testing, you’ll be fine.

Also, get a Frio cooler wallet for your insulin. Think there’s a discount available as a Tu D member. Check out the “Discounts for Members” link on the left. Frio wallets are great! You can’t take a chance of your insulin getting too warm.

I worked outside doing construction for years. The big question is will you be alone? I almost always had someone with me. They could let me know if I was showing signs of a low. I ate a decent breakfast then about 2 hours later a snack and then lunch and 2 hours later snack. Checking sugar and shooting at lunch. Now, I would check bs at breaks as well. No sense taking chances. If you are going to be alone definately check at break. Also I had a couple of issues on the really hot days going low. Your body is working harder to keep you cool so you are expending more energy then you think. When it is really hot check at break and be careful. There is no reason we can’t do what everyone else does, we just have to think about it ahead of time. The cooler for your insulin is a good idea. I just put mine in with my lunch. I was on a pen which made it easy. Be aware of how exercise affects your bs and prepare to be super active even if you should be on a mower all day. I got caught a couple times with minimal food, dumb on my part. Good luck.

Try a combo of lower long-acting and lower meal insulin doses. Take a lower dose of your long-acting just for days you work. You could try 1 unit less at first and make the rest of your adjustments via meal insulin. If If I work in the yard for more than an hour I get miserable lows but because I don’t do yardwork regularly I rarely remember to adjust my Lantus dose ahead of time so I reduce my meal insulin. The kind of activity you are describing is active enough that it will probably drive your bg down even after you stop moving, so don’t be surprised if your bg continues to drop even after knocking off work. I’ve been able to eat a candy bar without taking insulin just doing yardwork (which normally would shoot me way, way high).

i handle freight all night long, i just make sure i have snacks handy and that i eat my meals.

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: I was thinking of taking maybe one less unit of Novolog with my meals that day, or taking one or two sugar tabs while I’m working. Heh, my mom was thinking of having me work at McDonald’s instead, but I don’t think I’d like working around that food all day.

i worked in a Mexican restaurant, but i was able to find some healthy alternatives. But it did suck when people would order my favorites like chicken nachos, with all that cheese on top. Mcdonalds sounds like it would suck to work there and you would smell like french fries all the time.

I’d rather be outside than working with all that grease, not to mention the joy of working with the public–eeeek!

his public will be the dead, what if he gets nightmares! that could mean more lows!

LOL! Was thinking how peaceful it would be.

i think it would be kinda creepy >< especially if he fell in one of the graves he just dug. Or what if there was a funeral, and then everybody left, and then your all alone… ahhhh creepy

You’re so funny:) Sounds like Jonesy will be doing grounds maintenance. Bet they have machinery to dig graves, or I hope they do.

might be one of those old fashion grave yards, lol. Anything is better then tempting mcdonald fries, burgers, icecream… etc. It would be so hard!

The French fries & ice cream would do me in! Many years ago, before being diagnosed, I had a summer job scooping ice cream when I was in high school. I ate so much ice cream for months that I couldn’t look at it & didn’t eat it for years. Now, I’d love to eat it until I exploded!

Imagine if ice cream was carb–free. That and cake. If those two things were carb-free, it would be SO awesome.

Don’t forget to add carb-free pizza to the list. Carb-free cake, ice cream & pizza–my fantasy!

before i left the mexican resturant they had a mango cheesecake that looked divine!! I passed that thing a million times and i loved to serve it to people (almost 3 bucks for a slice). One time one of the cooks accidently dropped it while it was still in the box. We all ate out of the smashed pieces of cheesecake. I think it was 50 carbs a slice.

Hey Ken…
I think I might just bring a bag of Skittles ( like Domo craves ) or at very least some of those yummy glucose tabs… Yep gross I know but if you go low from working hard you need something! Working outside will be good for ya! Just think how buff you will get… Da chicks love that! Right? Just make sure to get some sunscreen an wear a hat… and maybe some sunglasses you dont need the sun messin with your eyes… We already have anuff problems going on with our eyes Right?
I think if you get a thermos and fill it with something with electrolites in it… to replenish yourself when u are sweating… and eat your lunch and have that big supply of Skittles just in case, heck you or your mom wont have nothin to worry bout… By the end of summer u will have all that cash!! WOOHOO!! Good Luck to you Ken! Nice to see you in Tudiabetes, keep up the great questions, we all can learn from them!

Yes…muscles and SKITTLES !! You will do great with all the advice that has been given to you…smart and helpful people here on TU. glad you are here too!

i told you they were glucoyucky tablets, juice might be better because skittles are addicting!!! How is he going to get the ladies in a cemetery, this isn’t wedding crashers! If worse comes to worse you might attract a rich widower. Don’t forget to bring some baconbits for low sodium like craig would (Just kidding!!@)