Would Victoza not be considered due to past issues with GERD & Gastritis

I have a question about non-insulin treatments. I have an appointment with my 3rd endo this Wednesday. The 2nd endo had mentioned either Victoza or insulin as possible treatment options. However, I was just reading on drugs.com that if a person has digestive issues, Victoza cannot be taken.

I have had issues in the past with hiatal hernia, GERD, and gastritis to the point of taking medications. I have been able to control my digestive problems now with diet and meditation; however, I do occasionally still have flares. The source was combination of work stress, RA medications, and my digestive system making too much stomach acid.

So, based on my past medical history, would Victoza or Byetta probably be off the table as viable medications for my diabetes?



I have GERD, with a history of mild gastritis and take Victoza. The first month was a little rough with the nausea and indigestion, but I got past that and no longer experience side effects as long as I stop eating the minute I feel full.

Thanks bjm2363 for the quick reply. I’ve had change my diet as well due to GERD/gastritis–no seasonings on my foods. I have to eat everything plain–no salt, pepper, Ms. Dash–it’s sad, but I’ve learned to adjust.

Other people say they combat the nausea with peppermint tea.

I used Pepcid Complete twice a day for the first month and sipped on ginger ale.
I’ve been on it for 5 months now and my A1c went from 5.9 to 5.1- not all from the med since I reduced carbs as well. It really helped with the hunger and made doing lower carb easier. I also lost about 9 lbs; although I wasn’t really overweight. I asked my endo at the last visit why he didn’t start me with metformin and he said it does very little for the lack of first phase insulin response and does little for inflammation like Victoza does. He doesn’t like to use insulin with early LADA because of weight gain and risk of lows. As long as my A1C and 30 day meter averages remain this low, I’m fine with remaining on it for now.

Thanks bjm2363 for the feedback. I’ll see what my doctor says. I’m all over the place with my numbers. I used to just have a problem with postprandial readings 140+ (now 160 - 200) but now I’m also have problems sometimes with overnight numbers (140+). So, I’m not sure what she’s going to do. Metformin and I just didn’t click at all. The second endo says since I can’t get off the steroids for my RA (which I’ve been on for 20 years), I’ll need something to help me with my diabetes.

Diet/exercise helped for the first 1.5 years but now they are no longer controlling the swings–which make me really sick. My A1C is bouncing between 6.5 - 7.1 and lowest its ever been is 6.1 and I was on a starvation diet and stopped taking my steroids–major no-no. That put me in a huge RA flare resulting in more steroids and increased RA meds. Vicious cycle.