Would you rather...?

One of those forum games you see where you pick between two choices the poster above you gives, then post a scenario of your own.

Diabetes style! Because sometimes it seems like we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. (Hopefully this hasn’t been done before here?)

For example:

Would you rather have a low A1c (4.6 - 6) and experience hypos daily, or would you rather have a higher A1c (7+ or so) and leave out the hypos?

TIP: Typically just answer the last question on the last page, then write your own question! …But sometimes it’s fun to answer old ones too. :slight_smile:

low… i know its horrible, but i get insanely excited when i’m moderately low and get to eat something yummy, its like a treat haha. I find lows are easier to take care of than highs, i get very anxious when i am high, it makes me feel horrible like i don’t know what to do with myself

I’d probably choose higher A1c’s. I drive alot for work and hypo’s daily would be dangerous!

If you had to…would you rather reuse lancets or syringes?

lancets…i do already!

would you rather eat a piece of candy or a glucose tab to correct a low?

candy - glucose tabs upset my stomach

Would you rather use your infusion set on your stomach or your thigh?

Me too! Haha, my doctor doesn’t seem to think so though, and seems to want my A1c higher if it means fewer lows. I agree about lows generally being easier to deal with than highs; it’s a quicker fix and it doesn’t stress me out like highs because I’m always trying to figure out the reason for it.

I’d rather have my infusion set in my stomach. I’ve not tried the thigh yet, and it scares me a little! XD

Would you rather prick your pinky or your index finger to check your sugar?

the pinky…I never use the thumbs or index fingers

would you rather bolus to lower a high or take a walk?

take a walk on the treadmill

Would you rather have juice or a fruit for your fruit option of your exchange diet?

Fruit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather eat a loaded baked potato or pasta?


Would you rather chicken or fish for your meat option?

two hours of high blood sugars or two hours of intense cardio? haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Iam the same way…I would rather have the lows but my endo sees it differently!!!

2 hours high blood sugar :frowning:

Humalog or Novolog?

Novolog! (Of those two, though I like Apidra the best now!)

Would you rather have diabetes as you do now and live to be 90 years old, or be cured tomorrow and live to be 80?

Hey, all of these would make great questions to post . . .

As for the original question, I’d rather have (mild) lows, than highs, for all of the reasons previously given.

Would you rather receive free treatment for life (a really long one) or get a transplant which totally cures you, but which will you will be paying for, zapping ALL of your money, for the rest of your equally long life? I know . . . it’s silly, but it’s all I could come up with for now. Oh, the pressure!

I am going to have to go with the higher A1c frequent lows do way too much nerve damage, and you lose hypo awareness which sets you up for a much greater fall.


High for sure… lows are f’ing scary.

transplant. If neccessary I would get a higher paying job to help cover it. In the long run I would be much much healthier without this disease.

Would you rather be type 1 or type 2?

My endo gets mad at my lows too! My last a1c was the best one I ever had at 5.8 and I was thrilled! The doc was all “you have too many lows! We have to fix that! You can’t keep having an average of one low a day anymore.” I was totally torn on this statement as I also like yummy treats I eat when low, but I realize that hypo unawareness will catch up with me. So I am trying to reduce the lows for now and see what my a1c ends up as. If it goes too high, I am going back to ultra agressive treatment and getting CGMS to catch trends before I go too low. I am bullheaded that way :wink: