Wow, I saw that first!

Kudos to Amy Tenderich for making my heart beat a bit faster. Her July 30th post reported that Israeli company, Medingo, will soon release a new insulin delivery system called Solo MicroPump. It just received FDA clearance and it looks like the launch may be August 4. According to Medingo it’s the smallest, thinnest, lightest, most discreet insulin pump without cumbersome tubing. It’s comprised of an insulin dispensing patch and a remote control, not unlike Omnipod, but smaller.

I was in a focus group in New York City almost two years ago when they showed us the prototype of this pump patch. I still have that prototype sitting right here beside my computer. That day I was astounded and excited that they could make a pump this small and I voiced to anyone who would listen, “When this comes out I’ll be on line.” After 37 years with type 1 I’m still on injections waiting I’ve said for a pump the size of a credit card. Now, here’s hoping FDA clearance will also mean health insurance coverage.

By the way, my prototype was blue, this appears to be grey, but who knows, it’ll probably come in hot pink and forest green in no time.

I heard that you need to change the canula every 3 days just like any other pump. How does this work with their claim of 90 days between patch changes? Is it some kind of adhesive patch that you can apply yourself to the patch? What’s the power source to make it last 90 days? So many questions…

I was part of the Philly Focus group! I’m looking forward to seeing it. It’s time to get a new pump and that 1 has always been on my short list :wink:

Sounds wonderful!! :slight_smile: