Wow! My insulin is COLD!

It is extremely cold in WI tonight. Leaving work it was 2 degrees. Burrrr… I stopped by a fast food spot to pick up a quick dinner. I did my bolus injection as I was waiting at the drive thru at the fast food line. As I injected. Ohhhhh pain! “darn that was cold.” I rubbed the site, trying to warm it up ASAP.

This post is only a reminder to keep your insulin safe in extreme temps. As 3 degrees or sub zero.

Stay warm:)

Especially when it costs over a hundred dollars a vial!

Did your BG levels look OK after your shot? Hopefully the insulin is still good.

All is good. No problems at all. It is tuff when you have to wait for the car to warm up. Also it is very tuff to get a dot of blood when your hands are freezing. I had to pump my hands to get a dot of blood.

Such a pain getting blood from cold fingers!