When it's cold outside

and boy is it cold outside this morning here in Kansas City. -2F (that’s -19 for you Celsius types) and I don’t care where yer from, that’s cold. Of course they say we’ll have temps approaching 70 next week… and -20 at noon in Alaska, that’s REALLY cold!

Got my first written reply to my complaint letter yesterday. It was from the Joint Commission (they deal with state accreditation for that particular hospital). They said they did nothing with the accreditation for the clinic itself, but would properly file the info for future reference. One reply down, ten more to go.

My CGMS is still attached. I hope the dang thing is still working, there is no way to tell until you download then readings. I have a pretty good sized bloodstain around it. If it was an insertion set, it would have been changed. The thing still has a catheter tho, just worried that it has a clot. Oh well, I’ll just have faith and hope I don’t curse alot next Tuesday morning when it gets removed…

Other than that, my sugars are stabilizing somewhat, but I still tend to go hyperglycemic 2hr PP then hypoglycemic 4hr PP during the day, then stay high all evening until 10 or 11, when I’ll often be in range. Back to a good fasting sugar in the am then rinse. repeat. It sounds like my basals are too high, but I also think the novalog maybe lasting a little longer in my system and my bolus’s are actually affecting my 4hr PP readings. I’m afraid to increase my bolus amount because I think I’ll just end up making the hypo episodes worse. I’m supposed to leave everything alone while the CGMS is in so I’ll have to wait and see what we end up with.

Overall, my averages are coming down, it’s just the highs and lows that I get all day long tend really bug me, if we can get those leveled out then it will be juice boxes and boluses for everyone!!!

Everyone have a great day!

Today’s snarky comment: Smile. It will make them wonder what the hell you’re up to

Hi Sarah,

I already bolus that far ahead of time (whenever possible) and is still happens. Apidra had crossed my mind also, we’re going to try that after we done with the CGMS next week, I don’t know if it’s going to survive the weekend tho, it’s starting to really itch!

I’m really starting to think my basals are still to high and the novalog is still active at 4hr and is driving it low.

See yas

We here in Minneapolis haven’t been above zero for the last 96 hours.
Yup - this here’s a good ol’ fashioned winter. Bah humbug.

Yep, that is the cold. I’m just glad we’ll be able to complain about how hot it is in a few months!!

The ZZTop song Sleeping Bag was going thru my mind when I wrote that. Always really liked them