First Post. Wide Awake

HI EVERYONE!! THis is my first post :)

Hope you all are doing well. I work a graveyard schedule on the weekends, and currently doing my Nursing rotations with school during the week this semester. Happen to be wide awake especially after some cardiovascular exercising at the gym a few hours ago.Just swinging by and wishing you all a Beautiful Day today!

Welcome!!! It has finally turned warm here on the east coast. I'm looking forward to a great day as well.

Thanks! I was in Houston for two days end of Feb, froze my raisins off!! It is about 54 degrees at the moment in Southern California. Catch you later!

Welcome to our community Sound Scape! let me know if you have any questions. we are glad you've found us. It's still fairly chilly here in northern NJ, still some snow to be seen in spots.

Welcome to TuD SST1. How has it been managing your blood glucose while working through the night?

Weather in the SF Bay Area has been spring-like for quite some time. We are a little parched, though!

It is about 54 degrees at the moment in Southern California.

Yeah? So what? Right now it appears to be in the mid-50s degrees F here in upstatishy NY too.

Of course, it's also noon and the temp will probably drop back down into the 30s F by tomorrow.

Spring is a tad more dynamic where I live. ;-)

If you don't mind talking about it, how long have you been treating your D and how do you do it? Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) with bolus & basal insulin? Pump? Do you use a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) device?

Just curious.


Gotta love the perfect weather!! ;)

Diagnosed at age 6.. Didn't start insulin therapy until age 13. Parents either lacked "Patient Education" or just didn't care enough until I got really sick when I hit preteens. I am on Levemir twice daily along with a 15 unit bolut of Novolog/Humalog with sliding scale before meals and whenever I feel like crap.

I recently met my deductible on with my insurance and waiting for my Dexcom to be processed and sent out.

At one point I had everything going on along w/ proper diet and exercise until my support went into shit again and now trying my best to get back up and moving with the right type of people and physical activity into my work/school schedules. Appreciate you asking to share :) How are things on your end? Catch you later!

Sadly it hasn't been too well. With my CGM on the way I'm hoping it'll be a lot better to manage. I would hit anywhere from 110 or 220's during when checking during my lunch break at about 3AM or so. Also my sleep pattern and or stress levels that day plays a huge role. It is only temporary/part time until I am successfully finished with schooling.

I love SF I've been to Cow Palace 3 years in a row back in 2008-2010. Best times of my life :)

Nice. I bet it looks gorgeous! How are you doing today?

Diagnosed at age 6.. Didn't start insulin therapy until age 13.

Huh. No kidding ... Sounds like there are some potentially potent therapy moments lurking in all that. But WTHDIK? (I'm a single guy who lives with 8 cats so ... my opinions & experiences (or lack of them) are typically statistically less common.)

How are things on your end?

Diagnosed in my early 20's as a T2 (of course they didn't call it that back then). About a year later had the tests to show I needed to be on insulin so T1 LADA? Currently using a Medtronic pump + CGM. The CGM does help. It's not what I thought it would be, but it does fill a void where I never knew anything was missing.


Hi Sound_ScapeT1, Welcome to TuD!!!!

Thank you for the warm welcome! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend<3