Wrong Readings?

In my pursuit of cutting my diabetes supply cost, I've purchased a meter called TRUEtrack. The strips are almost $50 less than what I usually pay. I've tested the readings of this TRUEtrack meter along with 3 other meters I own. The TRUEtrack consistently has my blood sugars 40-50 mg/l higher than my other three meters! I've also used the special liquid & the electronic tester to make sure the unit is working properly. All tested ok, yet TRUEtrack's readings are always off. I guess this is one of those moments were you think "I got what I paid for?"

The lesson for the day is...... always have extra meters handy in the event of an emergency.


Yeah, I read this in Jenny Ruhl’s site, Blood Sugar 101… that you often sacrifice a bit of quality/accuracy, for cheaper generic meters. Only way to know for sure how off it is, is to compare to an actual blood sample at the lab.

I understand the whole “you get what you pay for” thing, but even my OneTouch meters are wacky. Unfortunately, 30% error is considered acceptable with meters, so they dont need to try for much more accuracy.

The standard is about 20% margin of error. It is so frustrating, because when your taking insulin, I expect the meter to be as close to my real numbers as possible (without requiring a pint of blood)… LOL

you should try the wavesense, the meter is on sale at walmart (if it’s on sale, 7-15 bucks) and the strips cost 16.49 for 50

The only brands I really like (that appear to be the most accurate so fare), One touch, free style, and bayer products. But like I said the strips are very expensive. Everyone is celebrating this new “health care bill”; i’m really glad that no one will be denied health care; but lets see what our premiums will be like!!! What’s the sense of having insurance if you still have trouble paying for your supplies? These insurance companies are like banks… They’re vicious in every sense of the word…

Abbot has patient assistance, in paying for strips… I’m going to try it, myself. I’m broke as can be. lol But I have to first apply, and be rejected, for Medicaid… and that could take a while. http://www.abbottpatientassistancefoundation.org/pdf/Abbott_Diabetes_Care.pdf

I have the True2Go because I have no insurance and it was the only one I could afford at Walgreens. I have only been using it a little over a week because I just started. I certainely hope the reading are correct. Although I just started on Metformin and my numbers have been low.

did i mention i have meters i would like to give away, they need a loving home…

I am willing to adopt any extra meters/strips you may have. lol I am a very poor Diabetic, right now. lol

Hi Yogirajj, I wouldn't give up on the TrueTrack just yet. It's saved me a couple hundred over the last 8 months I've been with my current insurance. $5 copay on these vs 50% of wholesale on One Touch (ouch, I use 150 a month). I feared that they would be inaccurate so I test mine every once in a while against the One Touch I keep for such purpose. I always get results like these. That said, maybe your batch is bad? I'd call the manufacturer and ask for a replacement box and see how those compare. Disclosure: I work at a WAG pharmacy and try to steer people complaining about copays on strips to the TT because I've had such good accuracy with them. Hope you get it straightened out and find an affordable system that works for you.


Ive never tried Truetrack before…so I cannot really say much about it. My insurance does not cover for my glucometers, test strips and lancets…therefore I wanted to get something thats very good in terms of quality, accuracy and convenience (that the supplies are accesible since I travel a lot). My very first meter is Accu check…have 2 different models…it did me pretty good. I researched and got convinced too with Bayer and Freestyle…almost 3 years later they have been pretty good. Indeed the strips is a bit more expensive…but so far performance and accuracy wise…Ive been pretty content.

Really? Not sure if you live in the US or not, but, here insurances must cover all diabetes supplies by law, and at least 1 or 2 brand glucometers. Sad that insurance companies are not regulated by anybody… So disgusting… :frowning:

I used to use True2Go, they were sold in CVS stores. But for some reason, I could not find them anymore. I may have to get my local pharmacist to order them. True2Go seemed to be accurate when I’ve used them. they are extremely convenient.

Take it back. That will save some health care costs. If the store won’t take it back (which would surprise me very much), call the manufacturer and tell 'em you want your money back. Don’t take no for an answer. (Actually, I don’t think you’ll have any troubles getting a refund, but I’m trying to give you a big pep talk, because if you’re like my husband - and not like me - you’ll fell shy about trying.)

I have insurance that is supposed to be good, but they insist that I use a One Touch meter and only cover 4 strips per day. I want to use an Accu-Chek and they will NOT cover it because it is not on their plan. Guess I’m out of luck because the company does cover One Touch… Have gone through countless appeals to get more coverage for strips because I use up to 10 a day especially for “off” days.

Thanks Alan,

I was wondering about things this these. I always wash my hands too (Ok I have forgotten a few times but I am just getting into the swing of this). I need to work on keeping my arm lowered. I massage the finger. I do switch off though so to avoid none of my fingers getting sore.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether it effects the test if you touch the tip of the strip. It is almost impossible not to because how would you get it out of the jar if you didn’t unless you use tweezers. I am guessing it doesn’t matter because otherwise they would individual wrap them or something. As long as your hands are clean it is probably all right.

This is almost a reinforcer that the AP will fail. Keep praying for Smart Insulin so you never have to look at a stick again.

Walgreens has them. It even has the Walgreens label on them. Very cheap. You can get a rebate on the meter too - if you get the Walgreens True2Go. I still have to send mine in. It is very small and compact - almost the size of a large wrist watch face. Comes in nice colors - I got a red one. I have only been using mine for about two weeks so far it is OK - but this is my first meter so don’t have much to compare it too.

I got the Walgreens brand of strips today which were $70 for 100 which is $10 dollars cheaper than buying 2 50 count ones at Osco which sells the non-Walgreens brand name of the Truetest strips (which go with the True2Go - not the TrueTrack ones which the pharmacy dude accidentally gave me the first time and than they didn’t fit - took me a while to figure out I had the wrong ones!) at $40 for 50. So I saved $10 - not a huge savings I know but better than nothing. Apparently insurance does cover these but I have none so don’t know for sure about how much they cover. You don’t need a prescription for them since they are Walgreens brand but you often have to go to the Pharmacy to get them because not all Walgreens have the strips on the shelves.

I think I might someday check out the Walmart brand - it is apparently even cheaper.

I agree with Sutton. I’ve used the TrueTrack for 2-3 years and got a bad batch just once (they read 40-45 points higher) but they were consistent enough when checked against another meter that I was able to work through them until I could reorder. Since then it’s all been very good.