X2 Basal-IQ helped lower my A1c!

Ok, I have been on the Basal-IQ and G6 now for almost 4 months.
I did NOT change my diet, well, maybe a I ate a little more… :wink:

But, I just got the labs back from the VA and my A1c is at my lowest yet of 5.2 !!!
I am getting closer to the goal I set when I was diagnosed. I set the goal to eventually get under 5, but still eat somewhat normal. ie, not a total keto diet.
The Basal-IQ has made a big change in my overnight numbers that I always struggled with before. It would seem I would either be too high from dinner, or drop to low and have to eat carbs in the middle of the night.

I have been in the 5.6 to 5.8 range for a while now. A matter of fact, my last A1c WAS 5.8. So a .6 drop is a noticeable change to attribute to the Basal-IQ


Excellent!! Often we toil for years trying to make small improvements, and then a technological breakthrough such as Basal-IQ allows us to make major gains towards our goals.

I look forward to reading about your next A1C @Hammer, I’m betting that it’s 5 or below :+1:t3:


And I know that some people might say that is isn’t lowering it that much. But the fact that I didn’t really CHANGE anything in my diet, etc. and the fact that it takes a lot more to lower an already decent number (safely that is!) I have very happy with this so far.
I am mainly more aggressive with my nightly basals now, and I let the Basal-IQ manage the rest. A very simple and straight forward approach that helps.


I’m hoping to see similar results. I just switched over on Tuesday last week.

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The idea that you can be a lot more aggressive with your Basal, and let the X2 cut out the basal makes a difference!
The second thing I do, is kind of like a super bolus where I do a larger bolus based on how much basal I know the pump is set to give me for how long I think I will take to come down.
This larger bolus up front, using Fiasp, and the Basal-IQ basically cutting off and not doing the basal to make up for it, is super convenient! I don’t have to remember anything, just figure my larger bolus (I just do a higher carb count on the X2 for it to figure the higher bolus out.) So it is EASY!

And having one more thing both WORK better, and be easy at the same time, is worth a lot to my sanity!

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