Xdrip Battery life help! Rebuilt Dex g5

Hi, I am new to this community. Disclaimer-Not super tech savvy you may have to be more basic with your response. I have been using xdrip for over a year. I am using a rebuilt g5 and recently 60 days in it shows volt A 270 volt B 255 resistance 880. What can I do to extend the life? This has never happened, they last forever on xdrip. I am using a LG Stylo 4 no other devices paired. I do have another transmitter (rebuilt) on the way. I don’t want this to happen to the next one. Any suggestions are welcome. I changed the battery setting to stop the alarms. The readings are literally spot on without any missed reads. I am just wondering what is draining this transmitter so fast. Thanks!!

Sounds like there wasn’t a solid connection when putting the batteries in during rebuild.
That is why voltage drop and resistance makes a big difference to see if you have all your connections right before you seal it up.


A new G5 transmitter will typically have volt A and B above 300, and resistance above 1000.

Here is discussion on another site, tracking the final weeks of their G5 (original, not rebuilt).

Do you know what the numbers were when you first got it?

How Long Does a G5 Transmitter REALLY Last? **UPDATE-Transmitter Died** UPDATE-New Transmitter ***UPDATE-2nd Transmitter 😭 - #81 by docslotnick - C/GM - FUDiabetes

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I didn’t rebuild it a friend did. I haven’t found a tutorial I can actually follow to do it myself. I have a screenshot of it though Volt A 314 Volt B 302 Resistance 669
I had been using the G4 rebuild for the past year without any issues. My receiver stopped holding a charge. So I went to the G5
I appreciate you responding! So the drainage really hasn’t been that fast. I need to do them myself. The anxiety of a sudden death transmitter without a backup is high with hypo awareness. If you know a good tutorial, I am down to learn. I spent 20 years in Surgery, it can’t be that hard. Just a learning curve :wink:

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This is me now

Unfortunately, when you buy batteries, a lot of the ‘good deals’ are actually older batteries. These will often still show ok numbers to start, but will not last as long as they should.
When I rebuild mine, I always try to make sure I have the freshest possible. Not always the easiest thing when it comes to batteries, but definitely worth the hassle.

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Btw, they are NOT hard to rebuild! I messed up my first one, but I kind of figured I would.
Second one worked great, and I redid that one a FEW times. I still have it sitting actually.

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You have to test the batteries under a load to make sure - The meters they give away at Harbor Freight can do this


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Yeah, I have a nice Klein Multimeter that I use. Super simple, and works great! Not the cheap harbor freight ones (that do work.)

I have a good meter also - prob a 100 bucks and it does not have the load test the free HF does -

True, a lot don’t!

Ok that is a must. Did the start load look ok on mine? I am going to try and mess with mine after the next one comes. I literally am going in blind. Willing though! Dremel, battery tester, epoxy and that’s pretty much it I think. I will find some video on YouTube to try and follow. The ones I seen speak in a language I just don’t get. I’m a soccer mom not a machine shop pro. So I will be that person with a list at the hardware shop…

Did you search for you tube videos? I’ve watched a few just out of curiosity. Have a relative with tools and skills that may give it a try, but doesn’t have much spare time!!

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Where the heck are you getting rebuilt devices? I’ve never heard of that before.

I have watched a few MM1.
Moho0001 I know 2 friends who rebuild the g4, g5, and g6
For those of us who pay out of pocket it’s priceless. Most people who do it only charge around 50 bucks. Vs 600…
I actually like the combo with xdrip better. It is much more accurate than the receiver. For me anyway, and they last longer.

Maybe they can try this…

This is even better…

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@Alinurse74 Here’s a few links on a DIY G5 battery replacement. The first video link has great tips, the second has a slightly better technique.


Get a magnify app - an absolute must for such work

here is the best android one - 10x zoom and crystal clear

Absolutely priceless for close work - I use it almost every day

I got this holder and mounted it on scrap wood that you can lay flat to use the app - lay it on a table with the camera off the edge so the camera is on your work - there are plenty of other holders you can buy


Thank you! The top video (longest) is something I can do. I am actually crazy excited so many of you jumped in to help me. Your suggestions are going to go to use & I will update you and show you my first go at it. Nothing better than bootleg betes right?!


I wonder if it’s waterproof? Looks like it would make swapping batteries a breeze