Anyone here suffer from vertigo? I had a really bad case a few weeks
ago that left me in bed for three days. The family doctor put me on
meclizine which helped until the vertigo subsided. He did not find any
upper respiratory infections that are usually the cause of my vertigo.

During this period I found it VERY difficult to control my blood sugar.
My daily BG average is 100 but during this time my average was 150 with
several readings over 230.

Very interesting…i had a bout of Vertigo as well in May - i felt carsick constantly and could not stand still for more than a few minutes… doc did all kinds of in office tests and ran every blood test known to man… all fine… I was in bed for 2 days - I took Meclezine for about 3 days straight, even if i felt ok…and it subsided completely.
My BS was difficult to control during this time too, but i attributed it more to stress than the vertigo - stress affects my bs chaotically(is that a word? well it is now )

Hey Khurt,

I suffer from positional vertigo from time to time… It has something to do with the formation of crystals in the inner ear that when shifting into the wrong position cause the room to spin… It comes and goes with me and I usually suffer a bout of it at least once a year and it can last for three or four days… It is really a miserable feeling!

I thought I noticed a correlation with the vertigo bouts and low BG’s… Certainly I find that if I am running a low I will experience the vertigo along with sweats and even some visual effects… But the Dr. didn’t think they were directly related…


I too have had positional vertigo, actually for a number of years. And yes, mine comes in spells and then subsides. It is very bad when I turn my head or roll over in bed.
I used to be terrified when I got it because I thought I had a brain tumor, blah blah blah.
But, once it was diagnosed and I learned about it, things went so much better. When I get symptoms, I don’t give it a thought because I know they don’t last long.

Is vertigo symptomatic with diabetes. I have been very dizzy today and my sugar has been all over the place this week. I had never tested above 220 until yesterday.