Yeast infections

Ever since I started on insulin (Lantus and Humalog) I have had trouble with yeast infections in some of the folds of my skin, and around my private area. Haven't had any vaginal or urinary infections, but these others are driving me nuts. I'm using an anti fungal cream right now, making sure that these areas aren't damp after swimming or bathing, and when there isn't a flare up using "Gold Bond" powder....but it's just so annoying. Any ideas or similar situations?

I used to be plagued by chronic yeast and uti issues, also tinea on skin and athletes foot. It was only when I really took charge of my blood sugar that I was able to get out of the urinary and yeast problems. I just did a round of Lamisil oral medication for nail fungus and it got rid of any traces of athletes foot and skin tinea that I had as well.
Keep your sugars down, stay clean and dry and protect yourself in public bathing areas.

Blood sugar is usually the main culprit. be sure you do not try to treat with non prescription products. Given the chronic nature of the issue you need to get to a doctor pronto. I suggest the endocrinologist for blood sugar but also a GP or gynecologist for the infection. please do not wait..................rick

After many failed attempts to solve a long term yeast issue, my doc finally gave me a course of Ketoconazole pills. Knocked it right out and I didn't get a recurrence for ages. It can damage the liver so docs don't like to give the oral version but when nothing else helps, it's worth a try. My problem was so bad I was bleeding from the skin damage from the yeast so I was quite willing to take one course of the drug. That was all back in the 80's. Once in a while I get a very very mild skin irritation "down there" and for that I use Ketoconazole topical cream. that clears it up in a day or a few days. Also known as Nizoral.

i had a bunch of problems yeast especially in the summer. Got my blood sugars better and some vinegar on my salad that I ate everyday. You can drink some in your water but I find that nasty.