For all you women out there

So we all know having diabetes makes us more vulnerable to many things including yeast infections. So with it being summertime and wearing wet swimsuits how can you manage to stay away from this. I have been on the river this whole long 4th weekend and I have managed to get my 3rd of the summer. This is misrable.
I cant just stay out the water all summer.

Just wondering if anyone has any cures or tricks to keep away from this annoying problem.

Oh yeah and I am in good control. (yeah I have some highs here and there,
but nothing major)

(I had a doctor that kinda specialized in this)
100% cotton underwear washed in laundry detergent with no perfumes
Ivory soap - no perfumed, deodorant soaps
no pantyhose, tight pants
moderate the crazy sex

Obviously, remove a wet swim suit asap. Maybe have two so you can just change into a dry one. I think I once read to use a hair dryer after showering or bathing before you put on your undies. Acidophilus supplements are supposed to be helpful. If you get them, keep them in the fridge! Some yogurts have it, but read the label. I read that drinking buttermilk helps, but I don’t know if that’s an old wives’s tale or not. At one point 15 years ago, my doctor prescribed boric acid capsules to use as suppositories. Your doctor has to prescribe them, and your pharmacist has to assemble them. I would chat with your doctor about any of these options to see what they recommend though. Also, be very careful that you are actually treating a yeast infection. I’ve over-treated myself over the years. I used to have them all the time because I didn’t manage my BG’s, so I got really paranoid about them, and treated anything I suspected as yeast too aggressively. Luckily, since I got my BG’s under control a few years ago, I haven’t had issues, but chronic yeast infections are enough to drive you mad. I hope this is the last one you get, Kim.

Poor you, Kim…those boogers are miserable. I went through a few of them in the year before I was diagnosed and remember taking acidophilus supplements. I have moved to South FL so will be spending more time in a bathing suit. I appreciate you warning us. Good luck.

You may want to ask your doctor for a perscription for Diflucan - it is an oral medication. One dose usually works and it can be taken weekly to prevent a relapse.
Changing into a dry suit when you can, the hair dryer, and sleeping without panties all good ideas.

I’ve been doing what Marie said and having tighter control and haven’t changed this routine and haven’t had a yeast infection in many years.

Actually, doctors are trying not to prescribe that except for the most persistent cases that don’t respond to creams and ointments. The yeast build resistance to the anti-fungals, and if they build resistance to Diflucan, that can totally sink you because that’s supposedly the most aggressive option. Also, Diflucan is processed in the liver so taking it on a regular basis compromises liver functions, and doctors are generally reluctant to prescribe it as a preventive measure like you described, especially for diabetics.

Thanks Lee Ann. It has been a long time since I have needed it.

I was talking about this with someone else in another forum. This is what I emailed to her (since this is an embarrassing subject), but I think you all need to know. My doc and I found a solution and I’m no longer plagued by frequent infections!

I actually had infections more frequently when my control started to get BETTER with my diabetes, and that’s what prompted my looking into it further. I asked my gyno and he said he blames it on diabetes being an autoimmune disease. He said that he had had a patient who was worse off than me in the same situation with better control (and I was getting an infection once every 3-4 weeks!). He prescribed me the same treatment he’d given her and I have to say it’s been really successful! He diagnosed me with “chronic yeast infections” and put me on Diflucan (same ordinary Diflucan pill that gets prescribed for other women’s yeast infections) but had me take it weekly for about 6 months, then weaned me to once every 2 weeks, and now I take it once a month or so. (You have to order it mail-order in 3-month supply for your insurance to cover it because it’s a large dosage.) I have had only ONE infection since we began this treatment regimen (last August), as opposed to 1-2 every month!

The logic behind this strategy (and yes, Lee Ann is right that you must be careful about building immunity to anti-fungals) was that the infections were so frequent that my body was not able to build up any NATURAL immunity to the yeast before another infection came along. Diabetics already produce more yeast than non-diabetic women, so it’s yet another complication they tell us we just have to deal with. But I am living proof that you can learn to live in harmony with your yeast (like other women do!). The Diflucan was a gentle enough approach that allowed my body time to heal itself and helped me get through my wedding and honeymoon yeast-infection-free. It was a one-time semi-long-term approach. When I do get an infection, he gives me a prescription one-dose treatment (Gynazole) and a Diflucan every 3 days until the infection is gone. He says that Monostat and other OTC treatments are not effective with a persistent condition like mine. I wanted to approach it with a pre-emptive strike, rather than just treatments upon occurrence, so I was willing to risk other side effects. And the Diflucan worked for me, as well as several of his other diabetic patients he’d seen over the years. And just like he promised, I need it only sparingly now. So I’m not worried about the effects of my usage.

I experienced no side effects from taking it regularly. I know a woman I work with who takes it daily, so I can’t imagine there’s much harm in it. But it has done WONDERS. My sugar control is better when not having to deal with the highs that accompany infections, too! :slight_smile:

Best of luck, girls!

Thanks for all the advice. I think I am going to talk to my doctor about the Diflucan plan. When I get them that is usually what I get, but if I could take it to prevent it that would be better.
I wish I could just do the whole change into a dry swimsuit, but I think that would be a little too much when I am on the river like I am in and out every 20 min or so.

Kim, have you talked to your doctor about the Diflucan plan yet? I’m in the same boat and I’ve had enough, too! I feel like there is no point in going back to the doctors, because he prescribes me with this cream that cost $50.00! I’m just about ready to spend the money though. I’m wondering if you’ve started on this Diflucan plan that Melissa says worked for her. If it worked for both of you, I think I’ll try it. Thanks for your help!


I have a standing perscription from my doctor for 10 diflucan pills (200mg) at a time and take them as needed. I can get a yeast infection from anything. Some times I use them in nothing flat and at other times I can go months. If you can figure it out let me know. Give your doctore a call you might be surprised.


I had a yeast infectio from hell just before i was diagnosed, once i got on my insulin and gained control it went away and so far I haven’t had another one, but I used to get them all the time. One or two a year, I talked to a doctor and the pharmacist and they both said that anytime you have to take a antibiotic you should eat Dannan yogurt, at least one cup a day while on the antibiotic and it will help prevent you getting a yeast infection and believe me it worked for me. I always seem to get them if I have to take an antibiotic. thankfully I haven’t had to take to many in recent times. Good luck and i hope all the advise helps.

the only thing that works for me is diflucan… its gods gift to women…

Cotton panties and using the same soap has kept me from getting those infections. I was given that advise from gyn many years ago. I use to get those infections many years ago. I would get them at least once a month.

Until you’ve used it so much it doesn’t work anymore…

that’s true, I used to get those horrible infections before i knew i had diabetes, don’t know how many of those diflucans i swallowed before i got my diabetes diagnosis… after starting on insulin I haven’t had any yeast infections… i guess my improved blood sugar levels made the infections disappear…
Nurses have given me the advice to sleep without panties and to let your private space get as much air as possible.

Go to the OBGYN and get a perscript at this point to knock it out, thats what helped me out a couple of years ago with a nasty one. And Diflucan was it when other stuff wasn’t working. It sounds like at this point you need something stronger to knock it out!

I’m sorry I’m justing getting back to you now…I did go on the Diflucan plan: 1 pill per week for 6 weeks and it really helped. You should go ahead and do it. :slight_smile:

I hate to say this, I don’t get yeast infections very often, maybe once a year. I don’t sit in a wet suit, for one. Do everything which Marie posted back in July.

I hope the summer went well for you and you escaped the cursed infection