Yellow Fever Vaccine?

I have not had this come up for quite some time. And I have done research online, called the doc (it is still a vacation day I guess), and no coming here.

My work is trying to get me to Angola. But one of the requirements is a current Yellow Fever Vaccine. The last time I tried to get one of these in 1998 I was told I was not able to due top the risks involved for a T1D. Has anyone else had the Yellow Fever Vaccine? Or have any of you been told what I had about it being a contraindication?

and now coming here ^^^

Hi there! I've been all over East and West Africa and I've had the yellow fever vaccine. I received mine at Georgetown University Medical Center and was never informed about any contraindications. I think you'll be fine. I got mine about 10 years ago. I'm still here! And sans yellow fever....don't skip on that!

yeah, i get the full work up on shots. I think there are 8 vaccines i need to go where I am headed. :D

Awesome! I'm a T1 with a pump and I've had Hep A and B, yellow fever, Meningcoccol Meningitis, tetanus, and a flood of anti-malarials over the years. No issues on that front!

I took the Yellow Fever Vaccine before a trip to Namibia in 1998...No problem
Also I received the Yellow Fever Vaccine before going into service in 1970
but that was before my onset of Diabetes which happened after my discharge
from service. I don't remember it making me sick either time.