H1N1 Nasal Vaccine

The good news: I finally got my H1N1 vaccine – the nasal variety.

The bad news: I got home, did a little research, and found out that it’s not recommended for people with diabetes (or other chronic illnesses).

I assume that this is because the nasal version of the vaccine is of the “live” variety – not “killed,” and therefore poses more of a danger of actually turning into the real live swine flu.

I told the nurse who administered the vaccine that I had T1 diabetes, and she didn’t bat an eye.

Anyone else have experience with this vaccine? Should I go out and buy a funeral plot?

That is weird indeed that they gave you that. That is for people with no complications. My husband who has asthma can’t even take the mist. We all have to get the shots. My 4 year old is getting the shot because I told them If I am getting the shot then he is too. Instead of the live type. I would contact who have you this mist and ask them why they did that. But If you are not getting sick from it you should be in the clear.

Well it turns out it is Ok for diabetics to get the nasal mist. I got mine today after I spoke to the nurse about it. They said it takes effect earlier too. I five days instead of 2 weeks. Children with asthma must get the shot and cancer and HIV patients must get the shot.

Just got my Swine nasal spray tonight too!!!I am type 2, how did it turn out for you??? It is good to hear that other diabetics have got it…i have read so much against it right now and it scared me…