Yes, we CAN eat that ice cream!

The 22nd Annual Ice Cream Social by the American Association of Indiana happened Friday, and this year it benefited the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. Not everyone was receptive to the idea, and here’s my take on that at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth. Let me know what YOU think, about this and generally on your experiences with those D-Police!

Thanks for the comments, Judith. People with Diabetes “can” eat what they want. Whether they “should” is a personal preference dictated not only by what they might want to see on the BG meter and with highs or lows, but also to coincide with their particular health care routine and decision-making. The point is: It’s NOT about telling a CWD or PWD that one can or cannot eat something. Clearly, they can and there are many examples here on TuD and elsewhere demonstrating that individuals can eat what they want and deal with it correctly, without any spikes. Personally, I generally see spikes after most carbs - ice cream included. But I do my best and am living healthy and happy. After 27 years with Type 1, I am proud of that. Same as my mother, diagnosed at age 5 in 1958 who is also healthy and happy - and has lived through and survived those “dark ages” when CWDs/PWDs were told to avoid sugar completely. As always, YDMV and it’s up to you to make your own decisions. But you CAN eat ice cream, should you CHOOSE to. Thanks again for the response(s).

moderation in everything is what one of my old dieticians used to tell me and she was diabetic as well.