Yesterday Was a Bad Day For Me

When I changed my site yesterday morning it looked like it was working. Then I had lunch at noon and I realized that I didn’t get my full bolus. So I corrected, took an injection, changed the site and waited. Then I went low. Despite drinking orange juice and having some carbs I couldn’t get my sugar to go up. I figured that I might have had it in muscle as I put it in the upper part of my leg in the front. So I changed the site to my stomach where it is more stable. Today is a new day and I have learned from my mistake.


Been there, done that. Sorry for your bad day, but you live and learn right :slight_smile: Lows never happen at a good time do they!

I’ve never been particularly successful with infusion sets in my legs, too muscular for that, particularly on the front side. It’s a challenge to find unused “real estate”. I tend to keep my cgm sensors on my upper arm and keep infusion sets around my midsection.

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Thank you! I am a lean person and when I put my set in it was an area that I have never used in my leg closer to the area where your leg bends. When I was drinking oj for the low and it wasn’t going up I suspected that it might be in muscle. Today I am still sensitive and falling quicker than most days. I am trying to keep it a little higher and I am not worrying about as much because I know how bad I hate having lows. It seems that the fix is harder with lows than with highs.

Hugs @Dee_Meloche. Those days when something gets thrown at you like this are the most annoying to me. If I forget a bolus, or had to guess and I was wrong, I know the reason. But when you get a bad site, and I’ve had 2 in a row it’s very exasperating.
And don’t you just love drinking a gallon of Oj (exaggeration of course, but it feels like it) eating candy and it still isn’t enough. And then 4 hours later you’re finally climbing too much!

So hugs, I hope you are having a better day!

Wow! You described it to a “T”. That’s exactly what happened. I am being very careful today. I had a couple of 4.9’s today but nothing like I had yesterday. I am decreasing my bolus a bit and when I go above I go on the treadmill until my dexcom goes straight or until I see the first lower number than what I started out with. I need to do basal testing soon so I am trying to avoid lows so I don’t have to wait another 24 hours before I do a test. I also ordered some SureT’s. There is a hack where you can put a small piece of gauze or a round bandaid underneath it to make the needle a bit shorter. The 6mm needle hurts me if it gets pushed against. I am hoping these will fix that. It also won’t go as deep making my site changes more successful, hopefully.

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