So I have a bad infusion site tonight. I went to a movie and wasn’t feeling great so I checked before hand, and lo and behold 400! Geez haven’t had a high blood sugar like this in a long while and I feel like crud. So I corrected hoping it was something I ate, but after the movie still not feeling well so I re-check. AND 485 no decrease at all! I’m bout to take a shot and change my site, but I’m so frustrated right now. Every now and then these sites just go bad, and there seems to be nothing to do about it but change them. Hopefully it’ll improve soon.

The site was a bloody mess, so I changed it last night. My sugars are back to normal yay! I don’t know if I hit the site on something or what.

UGH is right! I hate this… as if we didn’t have enough to think about… hope you numbers came down quickly!

It’s very frustrating when the sites sem to go bad so quickly. I hate the feeling, and it’s stressful to be wondering, “did I eat something bad, miscalculate the carbs”, or “am I getting sick”, or “is my infusion set in a bad place”, and “should I go out or stay home”? I have also gotten infusion sets where the entire box is defective! that’s why I test 10 times a day. hope today is better for you!