Yet another medical person in ignorance

new eye doctor yesterday. tried to chide me on my blood sugar numbers not being 'stable' and staying in a 50 point range all the time.

"doc, i'm type 1. with sudden unexplained hypos that we've been trying to figure out since i was diagnosed. look, i can keep it above 100 and below 250 99% of the time. my endo is thrilled with that and so am i"

she looked at me like she'd never heard of type 1. and then asked why my goal was 120 instead of ~90.

really? i have proof i can drop 70 points in less than ten minutes and you think staying below 100 is EVER a good idea?

good thing it's a large practice. next appointment i'll just ask for an opthamologist who knows more about diabetes.

I agree with you they don't know about Diabetes especially T1. They shouldn't have even attempted to counsel you about your Diabetes management.

Guess your eye doctor has the cookie cutter syndrome…you know…all of us diabetics are the same, we just aren’t compliant enough. Sheesh!!! Good choice in changing to someone new. You deserve someone who understands you and your diabetes.

yeah, cookie cutter syndrome, i like that.

i'd prefer that doctors only go into details on my diabetes when they are treating me for it. apparently she thinks she is because i was having retinal imaging and we discussed the fact that one of my top indicators for pending hyperglycemia is a slight change in vision. my eyes change before my CGMS alarms even.

even the new podiatrist the other day seemed ill informed and i picked him because he's ON THE BOARD at the center for diabetic medicine where my nutritionist is.

but he was way more informed than the eye doc who seemed to feel that i should have a nice flat line "under control" 24 hours a day all the time.

Tell him “Thank you, but I have a plan of action, including BG goals, with my Endocrinologist and we are quite happy.” And keep repeating that with a smile on your face, until he gets the picture, and shuts up. lol Idiot doctors. heh :slight_smile:

I see a retina specialist every six months. I feel very fortunate that I don't have to educate him on this condition. He see's a lot of us. I haven't had any changes to my retinas in about 10 years so he tells me I'm his favorite diabetic patient. So this is what it feels like to be teacher's pet. :)

I've had that before when searching for a new eye doc... Saw one who said something similiar. My response: "You know, I was at the dentist the other day and he told me that I should wear my contacts all the time, day and night and while sleeping, and wear my old prescription glasses with weak lenses just to give my eyes a work out... I'm going to listen to him." I received an expected look of horror from her, to which I replied: "Point being: My dentist knows teeth, not eyes. That's why I don't get eye advice from the tooth doctor. You know eyes, so stick to that and leave my diabetes care to my diabetes doctor, please. Thanks." Didn't stick with that fool for long.

How many times how we been "chided" ( I like that work, describes it well) or told you have to have better control. I once asked my Diabetic Nurse at the Diabetic Clinic if she ever had one patient with type 1 that was able to keep within the 5-7 range, of course she said no, it's not possible, and yes I worry when it is below 10, as it will just keep going lower. When I was on medical leave, changing my regimen, and was able to focus on my diabetes completely, when it was at 5 , even going down the stairs would put me too low, so we can just do the best we can, and hope people will keep their uneducated opinions to themselves.