YFDR - Almost Desperate for Donations for a Cause

I am only $526 short of reaching my goal of raising $2,000 for Insulindependence by June 15. Insulindependence’s vision is to revolutionize diabetes treatment by helping people with diabetes incorporate exercise and activity into their treatment and management plans.

Levels of donation range from Triathlete ($100 or more) to 5K ($10). All the levels available are list on my fundraising page (Donate to Insulindependence) along with links to insulindependence.org and Glucomotive.org, the running and walking club affiliate. (They made me a team captain! Go figure.) Five Triathletes will put me across the finish line. Or fifty 5K’s. Or 10 Marathoners ($52).

Your help during this final push is greatly appreciated by me and by your neighbors with diabetes!

2009 Active Lifestyle Fan

This fundraising blog has been approved by the Diabetes Hands Foundation