You know you're a diabetic when


or you get mad because they give you a regular coke. When this happens to me I proceed to ask them if they are trying to kill me. (I can be bitter and mean sometimes)


You know you're a diabetic when you buy a crate of Sweet Tarts for the lows... and feel the need to explain this to the cashier at the dollar store, expecting them to realize that yes, diabetics DO need sugar...




Aw no way!


lol yeah, I usually get weird looks when I buy skittles and test strips at the same time.


You know your a diabetic when you grab the food packages from your friends and tell them how many carbs it has and you say you will stick with your sugar free jello cups with tons of coolwhip cause it has very few carbs.


You know you are a diabetic when you get a glass and fill it with water and your mom asks if your sugar is high and now wants to see what your BG's have been for the day. CRAP! bad day to skip checking it.


and also in the shoes of a family member


... as a teacher, a mom of a new student tears up because you are OK with him checking his BG in class and you already have a stash of glucose tablets and snacks he can have when needed.

#90 think sugar free reese's cup miniatures taste great and your friends try them and spit them out


you know your a diabetic when your drinking a mixed drink and your mom says "be careful with all that orange juice!"


You know you are diabetic when someone tells you that there is a string attached to your cell phone, when really they have just noticed your pancreas (pump).


I agree. The pump cord joke is a good one, just like clamping a hydraulic line.


Yeah, that works good!


Sure does ;)


Lena, I did that and my family flinched. Cos I spurted in an arc right down my wifes sweeter! Well I thought it was funny! had to buy her a new one. Not funny!


You to eh?


You know you a Diabetic when the menu come around. Then your wife says to the waiter. "Don't give him the desert menu!" sulk! huh, u been there?


You know you are a diabetic when you have to drink the formula of the poor 10 month old you are nannying, because you just walked around the lake and forgot to bring sugar. Sorry kiddo, no lunch today :frowning:

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Wow Frankie, Now that makes you real bad! But i just had to laugh!