Young and mad

as being a new diabetic one thing that has drove me insane is that you never see a lot of campaigns a lot of runs or walks or buy this or anything along those lines for diabetics but for breast cancer… i mean im not saying anything against anyone thats diagnosed with breat cancer, my grandma was years ago but still… i feel like the most recoverable cancer is being the one that is getting the most money raised for it, i want or want to be something that can make the cure for diabetes be bigger than that, we deal with this disease for the rest of our life, day in and day out and still as we get older. is it not something that poeple with this disease want to CURE…Its something that we live with EVERYDAY…EVERYNIGHT… its something thats going to happen to us forEVER…I wish this would be something that more poeple around the world would know more about and would love to donate their money to too… But ive also heard that the Jdrf DOES NOT donate their money towards diabetic cures. Maybe im wrong but thats what ive been told. I dont know maybe someone can change my mind but it kills me everyday to constantly see EVERYTHING on commerical but DIABETES but the same ■■■■ that tells ur where we cna get stuff from, where is anyhting about cure or money, race, run anything for us…???