Youngest age for Peripheral Neuropathy

Does anyone know the youngest person to ever get peripheral neuropathy? I’m twenty-four years old and was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy this past July. I was first checked to make sure it wasn’t a compressed nerve in my back, but nothing in the MRI was shown not even my mild levumbar scoliosis showed up. Which I was diagnosed with in 2005. Strange, but ok maybe it got better. My doctor thinks the reason for me getting this is because of some medications that cause my blood sugars to high. Atypical antipsychotics like Seroquel (I’m on 600 mg of it), have a warning that it can raise blood sugars in diabetics or cause diabetes. Another atypical antipsychotics, Zyprexa, I was put on for a little bit of the time and it was not the greatest thing for my blood sugar either. It raised it just as bad as the drug Abilify when I was on that. I was hospitalized this past June for a nervous breakdown and almost transferred from the mental health ward to the ICU because of the effects that it was having on them. I was pulled off of them and put on a mood stabalizer Tegretol but because of rapid cycling I was also put on Seroquel. Now besides the neuropathy I face tachycardia that is most likely also caused from Seroquel as well.


I’m not sure. I have heard of people developing PN as early as 10 years following diagnosis, which, in a Type 1, could make it a very young person indeed, if diagnosed with DM at an early age, and then, perhaps diagnosed with PN early too. My neurologist told me to avoid 1) high blood sugar readings, and 2) alcohol consumption to help my nerves stay as healthy as possible. They’re always doing research on PN, though, and there are often new therapies to try. Hang in there.

Hey, I am 24 as well. Mine started during the first time I was in an inpatient eating disorder recovery program and I was doing the “re-feeding” process and the clinical staff was really monitoring and bringing down my glucose levels. I suppose it was a total coincidence but that is when and how mine started : (

i am 37 got it when i was 34 and its getting worse and worse… im scared i do not want to lose my feet and the pain is horrible… i deal with it every day and want to die…

hey i did not read the whole post till just know… you know what… i have been on antidepressants for 20 years since i was 17 years old. i think alot of me having diabetes now is because of being on those drugs for so many years… its just a theroy i have… my older sister is bipolar and also has PN she takes gadone now (i think that is how you spell it) and a combo of many other drugs… These docs have no idea what long term affects these drugs have… but however for me the beneifts out weigh the side effects… just my two cents

They through me on an antidepressant called Cymbalta. I’m on 60 mg right now. Its not working like they said it would and the pain is increasing. Due to my type of insurance I have, I can only go to one specific pain doctor so I have to make an appointment with him and probably wait a month to two months to be able to even get in. Its the only way though that I can cope with the pain is to be on pain killers because the gabapentin and ultram are not working anymore and it wasn’t like they were working that well.

I’ve had neuropathy ever since I can remember. I can remember my toes being numb at a very young age. My daughter has shown sypmtoms since about age 6 about five years before she was diagnosed with diabetes. I am not diabetic, my daughter is Type 1. We have heriditary neuropathy Type two or CMT - Charcot-Marie-Toothe. All 11 of my mother’s brothers & sisters have it and most of my cousins. It appears that mine is worse than and more rapidly progressing than my mother’s is.

My greatest concern is for my daughter. With having the heriditary neuropathy and being diagnosed with Type 1 at age 11, I feel that she has a double whammy in the area of neuropathy and I am looking for anything at all I can do for her now to prevent it from progressing so rapidly. Any ideas are appreciated.

I was dx in 1980 aged 3 and my neuropathy started at age 19 - 20 (I’m now 32). I have always struggled with my bg so I guess it was coming sooner or later. I was on tablets for it in the beginning but then someone suggested giving reflexology a go. I haven’t looked back since! I wasn’t a great believer in alternative medicines but so long as I have my appointment every 4 weeks, I am fine and I came off the tablets a long time ago. I’m not saying I have regained full feeling back in my feet, but they are not half as painful as they used to be. On the down side I did break my toe 13 months ago but only suspected when I saw it had swollen to 3x its normal size!

To mistressbinky with respect to the pneumonia…Is there a possibility that you were also given an antibiotic?
I do know that steroids have that effect of raising blood sugar levels. That is why I was not allowed them for another condition I have, but I also think people are given antibiotics so freely that few people remember that they are not always 100% safe. Sometimes a person is asked if they are allergic to penicillin, but what about the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics…that is associated with bringing on or worsening neuropathy, but it might not happen in everyone.