Your voice makes a difference! The JDRF Promise to Remember Me Campaign

Hi there fellow friends wanting a cure:

I'm going to let my daughter's words say the most in the following post:

Consider signing up for a Promise Meeting today. JDRF would like to have 400 meetings happen by spring, and each one will make a difference. Whether you are an adult with Type 1 or the parent, friend of loved one of someone with diabetes, your voice is needed!

You can go to to learn more!

Thanks and DO A MEETING! You won't regret it!


Mom of Lauren, 16, dx @ 6, pump and CGM

Thanks for the link to the “Promise to Remember Me Campaign” I just signed up. I may not have the most inspirational story about my life with Diabetes, but I am here are 20 years with no complications and working hard to make my life better. So that should count for something.

Thanks again