You're cute managing your diabetes


Okay, this was a new one…

Sitting here in bed with my wife day after Christmas having coffee, reading the paper, watching the news. I pull out my PDM, strips, lancet and alcohol pad to do my wake-up calibration of the G5.

Wife chuckles a bit, looks over at me, and says, “you’re so cute doing your diabetes routine in the morning”.

Hokay… I’ll take the props when I can get 'em, but that one made me laugh :sunglasses:


Definitely an improvement over “Eww, could you please do that in the bathroom?”


She is supportive,that is BIG. Nancy


Next time reply with that’s because type 1s rule and we know it !


An alcohol pad? What do you use that for?


Cleaning the fingerprints off the PDM display. What did you think it was for?



I usually just lick the screen and wipe it on my dirty pants.


Never thought of that… now I can save the alcohol pad. Awesome!


Long as she didn’t call you SWEET lol