Fun with the Pod

So I was at work in the ladies room, washing my hands. I had the Pod on my arm. I noticed a gal checking it out from the corner of her eye. She finally said "can I ask you something, and I hope it doesn't offend you?". I knew what was coming and was excited to finally have a great response!!

Of course she asked what that was on my arm, and with a perfectly straight face I replied "it's a device from The Department of Corrections."

She turned about 8 shades of pale and her eyes widened in terror. She nervously eyed the door, probably hoping for a clean getaway. I couldn't handle it and busted up laughing. Then I explained to her what it was and we both had a chuckle (me more so than her I think).

It was delicious!!

Anyone else have any stories about responses you have given?

That's great! LOL

I always just refer to my pod and DexCom as my "attachements" and say I am like a vaccum. :)

Now that is really funny. Years ago I was in a diabetes support group. Someone told a story about when she was in a bathroom stall with a friend of hers. The friend asks the diabetic while she's testing her glucose level,"are you really high"? The diabetic says "Yes I am." the friend asks "is that because you took too much?". The diabetic says, "no, it's because I didn't take enough. Get my syringe out of my purse. I need to take more."
With that they hear a loud noise from the stall next door and the door banging open. They look out to see an older woman trying her best to run while still pulling herself together. She's got a long tail of toilet paper coming out from her skirt to the floor. They see her back as she moves towards the exit, and they see her reflection in the mirror with a look of terror on her face. They laugh at the whole sight, then realize that based on their conversation, the woman must have thought they were heroin addicts. They then roared with laughter and left right away in case the woman called security.

On a number of occasions a workmate walks in my office precisely as my Pod was alarming. I proceed to tell him that my 'Dork Alert' just went off and he tested positive!!

I tell people it's a newfangled ipod wired directly to my nervous system

My son wears the Omnipod and Dexcom, and we attach the Dexcom receiver to his belt loop. I have found other people to be pretty creative on the function of these devices. People have stopped me and said "Is that his cell phone?" On a two year old?!? Other people have asked if it's a GPS tracking device, which always make us wonder why we would put the GPS tracker on our son if he's the one we are tracking.

love this story... my husband has nicknamed my pod alien...and that has stuck.... i did get asked when we were on our cruise if i had some sort of injury on my arm... i have decorated it a few time with stickers (yes i am too old for that) but my nieces thought it needed decoration (princess stickers) who argues with a 6 year old. :)

Great story. Haven't been on the pod long enough to have one of those moments yet, but I've got some great responses ready now.

I was thinking of this the other day when I saw the first ladybug design of the OmniSkinz product. It might be neat to have a design that looks like a large bug, or even better, like some alien crawling out of your skin. That would sure make for some interesting looks. :-)


Great story!

When I was on MDI, I used to say that I could clear a room full of in-laws in a split second by just pulling out my needles.

Great stories, y'all!!!

I tell people that it's my "Running Man" pod, get outside of a certain radius and it explodes taking my arm with it:) or it could be my "Speed" pod, if I walk slower than
1.5mph it will explode.....I'm sensing a trend here....I like explosions, yes, yes I do....

love it! i usually tell them it's my battery pack... because i'm a robot. : )

When I first received my omnipod I used the white silicone skin. And when people would ask about it I explained it was my personal wii-mote.

Great stories everyone! We have to have fun with our disease whenever we can…that’s how I see it.

I had a similar situation, when I was in high school and on MDI, a few of my friends wanted more information about my shots, so I was explaining everything and a girl in the bathroom, overhead us and went straight to the Dean, my friend and I both got called to the office, who wanted to know where the drugs were, I was like what drugs? my insulin? ya, it was intresting to say the least.

My Diabetes Educator wears hers on her breast. When she was telling me about the Omnipod she went to show it to me, realized where it was and turned red. I told her it was OK, I had seen one before.

I was once asked why I was wearing a pacemaker on my arm. I couldn't resist to reply thet due to a biological miracle my heart resides in my arm.

Most often they come in pairs :-) . Take another look.

I have a pair myself... no need to see hers! haha!

Just a dirty male - mind suggestion. Clearly not appropriate in this case. :-) :-) .