Youth Soccer Team of Type 1 memebers

I am a soccer coach with Type 1 (for over 25 years and going).

I am looking for anyone that might have information on youth soccer teams that are made up of exclusively type 1 athletes… I have a dream of forming and developing such a team of children with Type 1 in order to show them the benefits of exercise, diabetes education, and show that they are capable of anything they set their minds to (regardless of their diagnosis).



Don’t now of any soccer team, but there is a cycling Team Novo Nordisk. It’s not a bad idea to maybe reach out to TNN and propose the idea to them.

I don’t find soccer and T1 youth specifically but DSkate in Canada is a youth hockey league/camp program you might get great info in general for your program - also many great online youth D guidelines that speak to hydration, etc… You are probably going to have to qualify to coach through a general youth hockey league organization - check in with you endo’ office, fire dept, hospital, etc…for sponsorship (and potential volunteers). Sounds like great fun with just a little extra challenge for you!

Thanks Bowie. I will look into that organization. Maybe some things can translate to the US and youth soccer. :slight_smile:

Hi Mila.

Yes I found the TNN and Team Type 1 racing team info very interesting. That is a great idea to reach out to them. I will.

there used to be a soccer tournament for youth with diabetes in Europe sponsored by Medtronic (Junior Diabetes Cup). But it appears not to have been held since 2014… :frowning:


So, if you do put a team together keep me posted. My daughter would totally play for you! She plays competitive soccer up here in Alaska and has type 1 diabetes. Our family would totally support you starting a youth type 1 diabetes team. . Mom of an amazing tough girl with diabetes! Erin

I recently noticed @TDFCdiabetes on Twitter - The diabetes football community. Here’s their website