Team Type 1

Welcome to the Team: Group for anyone with type 1, wanting to learn more about how to perfect the diabetes game, and then pay it forward to someone else. It truly is rewarding. Follow us as we race across America, and around the world! Strive for 6.5

i love your description of the group!- PAY IT FORWARD- couldnt agree with you more! Thanks Phil you’re already doing that!

Big Props out to Joe, he’s crushin’ it! And the whole TT1, send 'em the good word.

Met up with the development team last week at the Tour of Somerville. Blog posts at Blogabetes: here and here. Some photos.

Had a great time at the tour de Cure in Spokane,WA, new ride in Spokane and first time for me. On May 20th rode with Dave Holden from tt1, what a fantastic person. was a red rider too.

Hello Group,
My 6 year old son is Type 1, any advice? any Do's and Don'ts I should know about. Any lil or big advice I would so be appreciated. He was diagnosed at 3 1/2 years, Not on the pump yet but in the process.
Thank You hope to hear from you guys :)

Hello TT1,
Recently joined and curious if any representatives/speakers are giving a talk on diabetes as it relates to cycling in the near future? The Amgen Tour of California is coming up in a few months. Just curious!?!?