1.55mins faster without a wetsuit

Wednesday 27 January

Session 1 - I cycled 1.08hours (20km) over a very hilly course. Also included was 3 x 4min hill intervals with 3min RI. I consumed 1 x bottle of powerade.

  • pre-cycle BG level 12.3mmol-L
  • basal rate reduction for 2hours of 75%
  • pre-cycle BG level 3.6mmol-L

Session 2 - Ok so I have been saying for ages that I can swim faster in open water without a wetsuit…last night was the moment of truth. I raced in the Splash and Dash http://www.splashanddash.co.nz/Site/Welcome.html in series #4. My total time was 37.20mins and I came 3rd in W30-39.

  • Wed 16 Dec - 16.36mins (with a wetsuit)
  • Wed 13 Jan - 16.34mins (with a wetsuit)
  • Wed 27 Jan - 15.29mins (WITHOUT a wetsuit)

So there you have it I’m 1.55mins faster without a wetsuit…so from now on no wetsuit.

  • pre-SPLASH and DASH BG level 5.6mmol-L

that’s a huge difference and really odd?!? maybe the distance was off?

good on you for the hill repeats - my favorite workout really builds strength and speed

No same course every time…this time the sea was rougher too. I just swim faster without a wetsuit. It frees up my arms more. Yeah hill reps were fun but very sore afterwards.