10 years of Diabetes 1/27/00 - 1/27/10

Today, is the 10th anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. It’s not exactly something to celebrate but I guess some sort of acknowledgment is in order. It is hard to believe it’s already been ten years. My first year was certainly the toughest. Not only had I been diagnosed with diabetes but I had also just moved across the country started a new job and had not yet found a place to live. My life was completely upside down. Things did eventually settle down and I adjusted to my new life and even ran my first 10k in 43minutes 6months after my diagnosis. I had a long honeymoon period and was constantly having to adjust my dosing the first year. Once my pancreas was officially shot (as far as insulin production goes) I think things got easier with dosing. Even after 10 years though I wouldn’t say that I’ve gotten use to this life and I’m not sure that I ever will. I think having lived my first 27 years without diabetes has made it difficult to fully accept. Once in a while I’ll have a dream that I’m not diabetic. Those are great dreams! I think all of us have heard about potential cures for diabetes. When I was diagnosed my endo said a cure is probably 20 years out. So I guess we’ve only got 10 more to go! ha ha… yeah right. I’m still hopeful there will be a cure for this wretched disease but I don’t spend much time thinking about it these days. Over the past ten years, I think I’ve done a reasonably good job of managing my diabetes. My last A1C was 6.1. Right now I’m more focused on curing my colon cancer. I have my second follow up cat scan in two weeks. Fingers are crossed! My hope for the next ten years is continued health (no new diseases please!!!) and happiness! I’m getting married in a few months so it’s already off to a great start.

Having diabetes is not something to celebrate, but living your life with diabetes both with its up and downs is (your A1C)!

I usually get sad on my dx day, yeah, the ones ending in 0 are really something! Brian, we are all so glad to hear the good news from you! and now, marriage, how wonderful!

Congrats Brian, you are still with us. Had you not been diagnosed, there is, as you know a possibility that you might not be here in the same way you are today. So I do believe that’s worth celebrating. AND hey, we were both diagnosed about the same time, amazing! I know that my life is a lot healthier, a lot more hectic trying to make my schedule meet with docs, family, friends, exercise, etc., but I am so much more happy because I now feel 100% better, and am 50 lbs down from 10 years ago. Keep it up, and we’ll look for you in 10 more years.

Congratulations! You deserve happiness and a very long, healthy and blessed life. I think it has already started for you :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the impending marriage. 10 years is definitely something to celebrate!!! My son has had diabetes for 10 years in March and I have been doing a lot of reflecting. It is 10 years of relative health. It is ten years of learning and meeting new and wonderful people. It is ten years that you have been ALIVE!!! Celebrate the victories you have made adn embrace the incredible life you are building for yourself. And I will certainly be hoping your next ten years do not allow any more diseases into your life!!!

Congrats Brian! Wonderful news about the upcoming marriage!

May 2010 be your best year! A great start for sure. Congratulations on getting married!

Fingers crossed here for perfect test results.