10 years with Type 1 Diabetes

I held his tiny, lifeless body in my arms willing him to live. Each breath was a miracle and I prayed that it was not his last. Words like ketoacidosis and diabetes swirled through my head but I pushed them to the back.
The only thing I could concentrate on at the moment was getting my baby
to the Emergency Room of the hospital 150km away. He had to make it and then they would make
him all better. If I willed enough of my own life energy into him he would be
okay. He had to be. This was my baby, my
child. I would not lose him. He would be fine. He had to be.

The memories remain so vivid. It feels like yesterday and yet it feels like a lifetime ago. Its been ten years today....

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What a sweetheart! And he looks happy and healthy now.

Hi Barb , Hi Liam …10 years of getting involved ,sharing , struggling , good days, bad days , happy outcomes , growing up …and look at Liam now !!
Has he gone to diabetes camp ? I hear so many good stories !
I cannot open the web posting , by clicking on it …just me likely , the unsavvy computer person …I have followed some of your stories previously …all the best .

Thank you both!
Nel, not sure what I did wrong with the link but it is fixed now. You can also read it on FB as well. Just go onto my page and you should be able to click through.
Liam went to camp and hated it LOL! Kids seem to love it or not and Liam is definitely a not. I blame the fact that he is spoiled and has gone to some incredible family conferences in great locations. He does get to interact with kids his own age with diabetes now and then and will be getting to do this again this summer at a CWD FFL conference in Vancouver. I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Yes …this worked and I forwarded the link of Children with Diabetes , Friends for Life to a friend here in SA .Awesome speakers ! Have fun in Vancouver !!
Summer camp and going to these conferences comparing apples with oranges( however both good
nourishment ) and I understand the different concepts and one get to travel :slight_smile: ??
I have met swimmer Jen as a speaker at a dinner meeting at the CDA Conference , 2007 . A lot of folks on the Faculty with type 1 …great .
I get to meet up with Dr. Dan M in Castlegar , AGM in May …he and Dr. Maureen Clement are two of the main speakers ; a young lady and I get to speak and hopefully motivate the attendees re Team Diabetes and Diabetes Summer Surge.