10 year's this Month

Well I guess for my first post I should give some history about myself. I try not to think of my diabetes as setting myself apart from any one else in this world, we all have our own little quirks! I started my family at a young age, met my husband in the 10th grade he was a senior and by the time I was a senior, some how (hmmm not really sure) I became pregnant. When I was 6 months pregnant they diagnosed gestational diabetes and told me not to worry that once I gave birth it would go away I would no longer be diabetic, I would no longer need insulin. I thought that a little strange. My dad is diabetic so I had it in my mind that at some point in my life I would be too. My parents “checked” every year of my life on my birthday, I was so terrified of poking my finger but hey 1980’s lancet’s dang near put a inch gash in your fingers and I know a lot of you here know that. Anyway back on track… So at 16 soon to be 17 I watched what I ate and took my shots with the thought that ok these doctors know what they are talking about this will be over soon. Dec 17 1998 my daughter was born, greatest day ever, things were going well. My check up with my Endo went great he told me that I was no longer diabetic and could return to a normal diet and did not need any medications! I was so happy! Me and my daughters dad decided to take a road trip over my senior spring break and what did I do I had the biggest McDonald’s shake I could get. And you know what happened next? DKA, was sick for weeks. Guess what my NEW Endo said? You are diabetic, it probably never went away, and your going to have to take insulin for the rest of your life. So for the last ten years with many up and downs raising my daughter with my husband ( her father), finished high school on time with the rest of my class ( had an inducment over Christmas break, people asked how I managed to drop so much weight when school started back up and then were shocked when I told them I had a 8lb baby thats how!) went on to college and got my Bachelor in Science of Nursing degree got pregnant and lost that pregnancy (was told it was due to my diabetes not being under control, which when your A1C is 6 I didn’t truly believe that, I believe that it was just meant to be. ) 5 years later got pregnant again and had another beautiful little girl that weighed in at 9lbs 7 oz. So 10 years later and here I sit. Married to my High School sweetheart, two beautiful girls one 9 years the other 10 months and still diabetic! I just started on my insulin pump in Nov of 2007. I still feel pretty new to it, though I like it so much more that taking 5 shots a day!

Thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like you have done amazingly well with your diabetes… and that’s something to be proud of!

I am thinking about pregnancy soon… so I would love to ask you advice later!!!

Thank you :slight_smile: And you can ask at anytime I will share what I know :slight_smile: