100IU/ml insuline with 40IU/ml Syringe?

I am prescribed Lantus 10 unit per day before turning to bed. I ordered 10ml vial which has mark 100IU/ml on it. My insulin syringe has label 40IU/ml.

I knows that 100IU/ml insulin is 2.5 times stronger than 40IU/ml. but i am in dilemma due to insulin syringe.

Can somebody help me how to adjust 100IU/ml dose with 40IU/ml syringe?


Can somebody double check? I’m not 100% sure that I understand the question…

U100 is 2.5 times more potent than U100 (100/40). Multiply the markings on the syringe by 2.5 when using U100 in U40 syringe. As always, confirm this information with you doctor or CDE.

This may be a dumb question, but why not get a U-100 syringe (or disposable syringes)? The maths of using a U-40 syringe are not that difficult - as @mohe0001 suggests, use 4 u as marked on the syringe, but there’s too much room for error, and in any event you will likely need to adjust your dose at some point. Just get the correct syringes.



I haven’t seen new U40 syringes in at least 30 years.

I think U40 may have stuck around a little longer in Europe than in North America.

I think Veterinary insulin may be U40? OMG, here’s a recent advertisement by BD for them “inventing” the U-40 syringe just in the past few years: http://www.animalhealthinternational.com/animalhealthinternational.com/media/Animal-Health-International/NSM16/VPL/BD-U40-Detailer.pdf


A real breakthrough. Now that is funny. :laughing:

Anyway, i bought 100IU/ml syringe. That too from maker BD. Previously it was not available in 31G needle, now it is :smile:

I’ve been using 31G BD syringes for years. Distributors in your area must not have been carrying them.