11,111 members on TuDiabetes: Definitely not alone!

As I write this, we are about to get to 11,111 members on TuDiabetes. I wanted to share a little bit of perspective about how our members are spread throughout the spectrum:

See we’re not alone? Thanks to every single one of you that makes the TuDiabetes family a special place to connect with other people touched by diabetes!

Impressive STATS, Manny …thanks from my corner of the world ( Canada ) .

Not alone! We’re not alone!! :slight_smile:

so… we’re like the 800lb gorilla in the room?


If we’re not a gorilla, we sure are a monkey that can make a lot of noise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy smokes. When I joined a year ago, there was about half that number. Fantastic growth! Keep up the good work!

Any body want some coffee? Thats alot of monkeys in the room, I’ll need some caffeine to play around. I’m here to the end! NOT ALONE!

oh sure, give all the monkey’s caffeine… next thing you know they’ll grab a typewriter and turn out the entire works of William Shakespeare…

To be (a monkey) or not to be a monkey!! :stuck_out_tongue:

and I thought we’d just be wondering who threw poo!

William Shakespeare? mmm…that’s not a bad ideal, Scott! I say…to be a monkey! &^((^#%%())&_ monkey language rocks! Got a typewriter?

The BOSS did . ( maybe I don’t understand Scott’s comment ??)

lol, there was an old video about monkeys and throwing poo

I still say ; the BOSS did and indeed HE rocks ( and you know who I am referring too !!! ) , and thanks for explaining Scott …never saw the video…maybe before my time , ha, ha ??

Wondered about the member breakdown. Thanks for the figures.

Wow! 11,111 what a round number & how impressive.

Congrats to everyone who makes this an incredible place.

Youpie! it’s so nice we are not alone. I’m still a little alone with France but with the first conference next November 13, in Lyon which will be the work of my Mayor, mr Thierry Philip and your French ambassador of the Diabetes Hands Foundation I hope to welcome some French type 2 and maybe type 1… Manny thanks for those numbers, they are great!

Women Power! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh sure, Andre… I see how it is… keep the man down