11-year-old Daughter Going to D-camp for the First Time

I'm actually not anxious about this. Does this make me a bad mom? She will be headed off to Gales Creek Camp in Oregon in late July and I am confident that she will be well-looked-after. Staff perform BG checks on all the kids twice overnight, 90 to 100% of staff have T1D and there is always a peds endo there. That's more eyes on her than when she's at home or school!

Is anyone else's child attending Gales Creek Camp during the late July session?

Yes! My 11 yo will be there the week of 7/27. Not worried at all. In fact, her first sleepaway camp was 2 weeks ago. It was a non-d camp on the coast and she did great.

No, you're not a bad mom! My kids loved diabetes camp, and it is a huge relief to know that there is a place that they can have a great time and receive the attention that they need.

She will love it I am sure.

My 12 year old went last year and just loved it. You have no reason to worry whatsoever. It is a fantastic place, and she will have a great time. My son, who does not always love everything, thought it was just great. They really make the kids feel like thay have a break. They can have fun and not think about it, as all systems are in place. The camp itself is lovely, and cabins really nice. Consider it your total break where you get to put being a diabetes-mom aside for a week.

He is going back this year, but in a different session.