How did you handle when your child first went to diabetes camp

I dont know if I posted under the wrong forum yesterday but this is probably the place to post this question. Ok so Im new here my name is Lin and Im mom to a 9 year old type 1 who was diagnosed at 18 months of age. This year felt like it was time for her to go to diabetes camp for a week so she can be around other kids with the same condition as her. She is excited about going there and I am also excited for her to go but feel sad at the same time as Im really going to miss her. I do know she will be in great hands so not really worried about that. Anyway how did you react when How did you handle it the first time you dropped your child off at diabetes camp. I know I used to get emotional with my older daughter years ago when I dropped her at regular camp so I can just imagine how Im going to be this time around.

Hi Lin, I was dxd at 15 and never went to diabetes camp (which I totally regret now!). However, I did go to "normal" summer camp every year and then worked at one for over 6 years. I'm a big fan of camp and glad to hear that you are sending your daughter. I hope she has a great time!

I don't have any D specific advice, just to say that she will probably be nervous at some point too. I don't think you should treat her any different than your older daughter going off to camp (haha, right? :) ). She will pick up on any of your insecurities. I would prepare her and you the way the camp tells you and wait on pins and needles until you pick her up. I'm sure it will be a rough week for you and an AWESOME one for her!

But then again, what do I little guy is only 15 months old and I haven't crossed this bridge yet. Good luck!

i didnt go to diabetes camp when i was a kid cuz i was dx t1 as an adult, but i did go to regular sleepaway camp as a kid from the age of 8 till i was about 13. my times at summer camp are some of the best memories of my childhood, learning to swim in a lake, starting a campfire, hiking in the appalachian mountains. i had such fabulous experiences that i worked at the camp as an adult.
my mom had four kids and was dancing in the streets when she would drop us off! she would see all the other mothers crying and think they were crazy! your daughter is very lucky that you support her going to diabetes camp. she will learn all the regular camping stuff AND learn more about how to take care of her diabetes and meet other kids with the same story. what a gift, diabetes camp! she is going to have such a great time! how long is she going for? im sure time will fly , for her at least! will you also be on holiday and think youll have too much time on your hands? if so, id do something for myself-spa, beach, get togethers with people i dont usually have time to see... if i have work and am distressed about something going on at home, i completely throw myself into work!
my nephew has hemophilia and my sister in law says hes not going anywhere near a hemophilia camp-feel so bad for him for that, that he wont get to meet other kids like him!

thanks ladies for your replies!

Hi Lin,

I'm not a parent to a Type 1,but have been a Type 1 since age 11 (I'm 31 now), and I went to diabetes camp for 5 years, my first year being the very first summer after I was diagnosed. It was literally the best thing my parents ever did for me. I tell everyone I meet who has a kid with Type 1 to send their kid to diabetes camp!

As for how you'll feel, I don't know exactly, but I can tell you how my parents felt. They were very protective of me, and when I first went to camp, I know they were scared. But, it ended up being a MUCH NEEDED break for THEM, actually. D-Parents are constantly on their guard, and knowing your kid is somewhere safe where everyone totally understands about diabetes and how to take care of your kid, and that your kid is having fun, allowed them to be able to actually relax for a change. While I was at camp, it was like a much needed diabetes vacation for them.

I wrote a lot about this on my blog, if you want to check it out:

Anyway, I know it will be a good experience for you AND your child!

thanks Erin for the info and for the encouragement. I know we do need a break as it will be the first time in 7 years we may be able to go away by ourselves for a few nights. Sure do miss that. lol