13 weeks and counting. Advice, tips, warnings -- all welcome!

Hello, everyone! I just joined Tu Diabetes yesterday and I’m excited to find a forum for discussing what’s consumed my life these days – being pregnant as a Type 1 diabetic.

I was diagnosed only about 3 years ago and my immediate concern was being able to have a family. But thanks to a very supportive husband and an awesome endocrinologist who put me on a pump right away, I had my A1C under control pretty quickly (it’s been about 5.5 for over a year now). I had the green light from my health care team to TTC last fall. And, amazingly, it took only a couple months to get pregnant, so here I am at 13 weeks and everything is going ok so far. Despite all the extra work and testing and anxiety, I feel so incredibly lucky!

I just wanted to share my story and invite any advice, tips, warnings, etc. that anyone might have. Also, I’ve started to investigate labor and delivery options and have decided I want to try natural childbirth with as few interventions as possible but I’m finding it difficult to locate an OB who can look at me without a giant “high risk” sign on my forehead. Anyone else feel this way? I’m also very anxious about my baby needing special medical attention immediately after birth due to the possibility of low blood sugar and other complications and how that might interfere with the bonding experience and breastfeeding. Of course, I’m anxious about EVERYTHING these days. Looking forward to starting my prenatal yoga class in a couple weeks. I think it will be very good for body and mind.