14 hours and counting

By 10:00 a.m. central time the UPS Brown Truck will be pulling up to my house......and for me my Diabetic life is about to take new step.....

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 38 years. I was 17 in my senior year of HS and never saw what was coming.... Saturday morning in Feb 1972, It became difficult for me to breathe, nearly unconscious. I was told that I had a flu. I will never forget the look on my parents face, or how frantic my father was when he picked me up and put me in the car to take me to the hospital. My BS was 1200.....I have never had another episode of DKA since that day. I have had the opportunity of being "diabetic management educated" by some of the best CDE and Endo in the in the world. But still everyday I learn something new.

I have dealt with urine test, 1 diabetic preganancy (thank you Lord), chemstrips, syringes, insulin in vial, insulin in a pen, NPH, 70/30, Lantus, glucose monitors the size of a Webster dictionary to the size of an Ipod, disappointment that there will not be a cure in my lifetime, pre A1c days, fears (lots of it), high BS, low BS, insurance companies, fear of not having insurance, ambulance rides for Hypo's, anticipation of will I or will I not have complications.

For the past year I have read about every article, written book, your pro's and con's on Tu Diabetes, visited every manufactures website, in preperation of what will be delivered to me, dargirl, Type 1 Diabetic, in the UPS Brown truck on Monday by 10:00 a.m.

I am getting a pump.........It is only a next step...... for a disease that is not yet curable.

congrats on the new page in your life with d! how exciting! I’ve had it 42 years, and pumping about 20. Which one are you getting?

Ohhh… that sounds like an exciting new phase in your life. We’re happy that you’re here on TuD =)

dargirl : Party time !!! The pump will give you more " FREEDOM " …a big word, and I am sure , that you know, what I mean; you seem to have done your research !.

Medtronic 722, Dr wants me to get the pump down first then on to a CGms

I have been editing the countdown. Watch for the UPS Big Brown truck.

Medtronics suggested the same thing but for me it was far easier to start both at the same time. The pump without the CGMS seems like a half solution. They work so well together and, IME, provide far tighter control I can’t imagine waiting to start CGM.

If you are confident in your ability to learn the concepts quickly I would do both at once. IMO.

My son did the same thing Friday …waiting for the UPS truck and posting in his FB page…I got my pump …whoo hoo !! His friends are so happy for him.

We are happy for you…we hook up on Wed.

congrats! I just started on mine less than a month ago and am really liking it. I’m still working out all the basals and stuff but over all I can’t believe I put off having one for so long. I started the CGMS with it and have gone only a few hours without it and it just doesn’t seem like the same tool without it. Good luck!!!

Congratulations! I too was diagnosed in Feb 1972. I was 12 years old and fell into a coma. I have been on a pump now for 6 years and LOVE it. I initially wanted a pump because I thought it would be easier. And it is easier and a lot more freedom, but I also get much better control. I also use paradigm 722 and have CGMS.

Congrats on the pump. I have the same. Good luck. Best thing I ever did.

I know your anxiety I injected for 39 years before pumping. I congratulate you for taking that big step!

Congratulations on getting the pump!

Congrats on the new pump. I have been diabetic for 35 years, and i left the hospital on my 17th birthday. I have also seen the various things you speak of and like you I resisted getting a pump. Today I have used my pump for about seven years and I absolutely love it. The best decision i ever made was to use the pump. i be t ina fe short months you will love yours as well.

rick phillips

Congrats on your Pump! I was Dxd when I was 12 years old, did MDI for 22 years and then updated with the OmniPod 1 year ago and I’m not looking back. Since the upgrade my A1C has been at 6%. So bring on those A1C test doc! Good Luck!!!

The big brown truck showed up a 1:30 with two packages. When I watched the UPS guy bring the package to the door. I had to old back my emotions. Excitement and fears all in one.