Hopefully this isn’t too negative. I’ve worked on this post over the past few days, and finished it tonight. Before dinner tonight I was 11.8 (212) which I thought was weird since I hadn’t’t eaten in 5 hours, but that’s pretty much a daily high for me, not that unusual. Even though I’m traveling I bought my own food from a supermarket so I have control over what I eat. And I’ve even kept up with swimming in the hotel pool. I pre-bolused and waited 30 minutes before eating a meal of 30g I had fully measured. Then after dinner I was 21.8 (392)! No ketones, so I just corrected and seem to be coming down fine. It’s random stuff like this, despite being 100% “on track” (I mean if I slacked off that’s my doing) that makes me so frustrated sometimes! So I’m sure some of that rubbed off on my blog post, but I guess that’s part of life with Type 1.

>14 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Type 1

jen, i dont think its negative at all, i just think its true. (and it sucks).

hopefully today will be better...:)

It just happens to be the way of it. It could be your injection/ or pump site not absorbing well.

Today I had my cannula come out without me noticing at the same time my CGM sensor crapped out so Im feeling awful at 120. Until I got home a found I was 444. Yikes I think it has been years since I have seen a number like that. DKA was just starting to creep in but I got it down in about 3 hours.

SO you see it happens to us all

I have had the same kind of week also. Must be something in the air.

Glad you are keeping up with your swimming while traveling.

I hit a lovely shade of 17.7 on Tuesday, normal lunch, normal routine, weirdo bg.

Weirdly it wasn’t my set … No ketones, and I came down to 5.0 within four hours and woke up this morning at 3.9. Just one of those mysteries!

I love #14...great explanation!!

I experienced one side of #11 today while grocery shopping. Came across fudge covered Ritz crackers. Sounded amazing, until I looked at the carb count and realized at my lightest I:C ratio they were half a unit of insulin...per cracker! A little voice in my head was whispering "its not worth it..." So back on the shelf they went and I moved along. Enjoyed reading the list, thanks for taking the time to put it together.